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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Makeup Bag of the Week 3/16

Hello everyone!

My collection has been growing and I find myself forgetting about some products. Poor little guys! I decided to pull out the products I've had for awhile to finish up or just love some more. I'll use what's in the bag for two weeks and then switch. I have some new products I'm dying to get into, but I want to finish some things up.

Let's see what I've thrown into the bag! :3

 I reach for this once in awhile, but hardly give it love. I should though since it has a lot of different colors. I depotted my Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette the other day into it. I've been wanting to add some colors to it. I heard MAC refill shadows are now $10! I'm so behind in news. 
(I mentioned my Z-palette here.)

*Falls to floor
It was the packaging that made me do it! D; This Elf palette in "Ursula" was released with their Disney Villains 2013 Collection. The pigmentation was pretty ehh on the matte shades in here. I used it the other day and really like the shimmer lavender color. I keep forgetting to use this primer. I go to school longer and have been reaching for Urban Decay's primer. I think I'll post some spring looks and use this palette! :) (Disney Villains Ursula Look Book was mentioned here.)

I've had this primer potion for maybe two years now. I want to try and finish it. I don't think I'll be repurchasing. I officially love Lorac's Behind the Scenes Primer. Have you tried it? I'm running low on the sample I got and trying to save it hehe. 

My Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz freakin broke!! I was using it one day and it fell off! ): 
 I still had a good amount left. I may give their dip brow a try next. I'm using the Elf eyebrow kit at the moment. It's decent, but doesn't look as natural as the brow whiz. Did you see the little dent I made? Is that considered pan? :D If so, this is the first time I've hit pan on something! I've legit never hit pan on a blush or eyeshadow. 

Dare You, Uberchic, Muave Outta Here
I went into MAC hoping to find a RiRi Woo, but came out with "Dare You." They were sold out and I wanted a red. I won Ruby Woo in a giveaway and fell in love with it. I forgot about Dare You. I think I'll just store it till the fall and winter time. 

Nyx's "Uberchic" is quite the nude color! It appears very frosty pale on my lips. I usually just top with a gloss. I think it would be nice for spring and summer! 

I love Wet n Wild's "Mauve Outta Here." I think it'll look great for spring and summer! I'll definitely be abusing it these coming weeks. Do you have any lipsticks you love from them? I want to purchase more of their amazingly pigmented lipsticks. (mentioned here.)

This is Sephora's Long Lasting eyeliner. I've loved this eyeliner for so long! It is very long lasting and very black. Not the usual black grey color. It also dries matte, which I love! My tip on the brush has started coming off. It has a hair that sticks out and it ruins the application a bit. I cut it and it happened again. Hopefully they change the applicator in the sometime future. 

Spring Break is next week! Wooo. More blogging time. ^_^

What products have you been neglecting? 



  1. Ouuu, I should do this myself! (And actually make a conscious effort to use up less loved products, instead of just planning and pulling them out!)
    HEHEH, I actually much prefer my Lorac primer over UD's! UD's is a bit too thick for my liking. STILL JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT THAT URSULA PALETTE THOUGH. I ain't even mad at the crappy mattes.

    Yay for more posts during Spring Break! :D
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. Lol story of my life! I just started sticking them in a bag and forcing myself to use them more. So true about the UD primer!
      Lol!! True. The shimmer shades make up for them.

  2. I love this post! I really need to do something like this because I neglect too much of my makeup! I love the Lorac behind the scenes primer too :)

    1. I highly suggest doing it! You can get rid of them and make room for more. (;
      Right! Isn't it amazing? I love how light it is and makes my shadows last longer than UD.

  3. I really think those are some lovely so wearable and great to use pieces! That six color palette from elf is just stunning! I've thought to myself that I don't want to buy too many cheaper shadows because I have enough shadows but that set is just sooo pretty! Hope you go through your collection and get around to using everything again! I've been neglecting lip products the last year and have been using more lip products the last two months!

    1. I tell myself that every time I consider a drugstore eyeshadow. I usually have a dupe for it or I'll prob. end up tossing it aside. Yes! It's a beauty!
      That's great!! It's always fun to come up with new lip combos and they really add to a finished looks.

  4. What a great idea!! It's so hard to use all your make-up and things get pushed to the back. I really need to do this too! I've always wanted a Z palette but haven't made the splurge yet! And I have so many UD primers but I just never use primers since I just reach for my MAC paint pots. One day I need to :] really enjoyed the read! Can't wait to see how you change it in the coming weeks :D

    1. Oh yes! I find things I haven't used in forever and try to use them. I'd def. recommend the Z-palette! It'll save you some space. I've heard good things about the paint pots! Thanks for stopping by :D

  5. omigoshhh i need to do the same thing! thanks for reminding me. i've neglected too many things lol

    1. Lol! Your welcome! It tends to happen when we have a lot of products >.<

  6. That is a great idea on rotating your makeup! I am guilty of stashing stuff away and forgetting about it. Starting your plan on Monday! ps - I hate when the random hairs tick out of liquid liner brushes too!!! Aaargh!!!

    1. Thanks! I think we all buy makeup and forget we had it! lol :) Ugh, yes! Even some of my drugstore eyeliners don't do that.


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