Elf's Disney Villains Ursula Look Book Review


Halloween is coming! ELF Cosmetics has recently released the Disney Villains Collection, which is exclusive to Walgreens. You can choose from four villains which is Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Ursula, and Evil Queen. From what I've seen they've released nail polishes and look books. I picked up the Ursula Disney Villains Look Book!

Included in this palette is:

- 1 blue liquid liner in "Midnight"
- 1 shadow brush
- 1 mini lip gloss in "Ursula"
- 1 mini black pencil liner
- 1 lengthening and defining mascara 
- 1 mini eyelid primer in "Sheer"
- 6 eye shadows

This packaging is adorable! I missed out on last year's collection and made sure I wanted to pick one up this time. It gives you directions on how to achieve a night look and a day look. These look books retail for $9.99. Ursula was not included in the collection last year.

The set involves two eyeliners which is a blue liquid one in "Midnight" and a black pencil liner. Midnight  held up well through the day, even though it did settle into my inner eye. The color is nice though! The black pencil liner wasn't my cup of tea since it tugged at my eye. I've used better.

I love the lip color! It applies nicely and is a medium pink. It lasts a good amount of color and doesn't leave flakes behind!

Black pencil liner, Midnight liquid liner, & Ursula lip gloss

The mascara in this set claims to lengthen and define my lashes... It didn't! I mean it's an ok mascara, but I have to apply like 3 or more coats to get my desired lashes! I've used this mascara before and am just not impressed. They should've included eyelashes like last year's lookbook.

The eyelid primer which costs $1 is good for what it costs! My oily lids can last about 4 and a half hours with this. I'm content with it and I shall use it for school since I don't go for very long.

The eyelid brush included did a good job! I'll be looking into their other brushes. Any recommendations?

Coral,Sea Witch, Shell, Kiss the Girl, Triton, & Bewitched
The colors included are:

Coral- light shimmer lavender

Sea Witch- Matte fuchsia

Shell- shimmer green blue

Kiss the Girl- Shimmer medium brown ( My favorite color!:) )

Triton- Matte deep purple (Chalky & hard to work with!)

Bewitched- It looks blue in the palette, but is a matte dark gray ( chalky & hard to work with!) 

I wish this palette could've been more pigmented. I liked probably only three of the colors. ELF needs to work on their matte shadows because these are sad. I loved the liquid liner and lip gloss though! If you're a Disney fanatic, run out and get these now! The duds were simply the mascara, black pencil liner, and those matte shades. 

Talk to you soon!


  1. Hi Lupe! What a shame about this set. Thanks for warning us about the quality issues. Thanks for the review.
    --Jessica @ Blenditout

  2. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney film, so after reading this review, despite the duds, I'll probably run out and try this myself. Specifically since I've been looking for a nice green-blue eyeshadow and Shell looks gorgeous! Thanks for discussing how easy/difficult they are to work with! I love E.L.F. but I know they're products are pretty hit-or-miss.

    As for brush recommendations, YES. Definitely try more. I bought MAC 217 and an eyeshadow brush by E.L.F. and I use E.L.F.'s way more. Their kabuki brush is pretty good too (and it's only $6!). I'd say try the 11 piece brush set. Most of the reviews I read said they were amazing and they're pretty awesome. And somewhat travel friendly since they all fit in this case the side of a DVD box.
    Omg sorry for rambling! You got me all excited about E.L.F.!

    -Lillian at Mascaradise

    1. Shell is pretty! You just have to keep packing the color on to get it nicely. Thank You for the suggestion! :)
      It's ok! I love reading comments!

  3. I swear elf...did this years ago. Or maybe that was mac...don't remember :(
    But holy 'Shell' is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for shimmery blues, but shame about the pigmentation :(
    Also, that lip gloss shade is really pretty!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. agree with vanessa. i really like the shell eye shadow too :)

    2. They both have I believe! :o
      Yes, could've been better!

  4. reminds me of the sephora disney collection! everytime a make up is associated with the disney princess stories i get pulled it lol. was hoping their eye shadows would be more pigmented this time :(


    2. Those Sephora palettes are so pretty! Yes, ELF needs to work on their shadows :|

  5. The liquid liner is so pigmented. The color pay off is amazing. The eyeshadow shades are so pretty. Love the Coral and Kiss The Girl the most.

    1. It is! The shadows could be a bit better though.I use those two colors the most! :)


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