January and February Haul

Hello lovelies!

I didn't buy much last month or this month. I decided to combine both months. I've written reviews for most of these products already and will have them linked down below too.

Let's get started! I love Target and always find myself in the beauty aisle. I picked up Alba Botanica's Hawaiian Facial Toner for $8.99. It has a citrus smell to it and has no parabens, phthalates, and they don't test on animals. My last Neutrogena one wasn't doing a good job. It would leave behind residue. I apply Alba's in the mornings after I wash my face and to take off my makeup. It does an amazing job at taking my makeup off and making my face feel refreshed. It doesn't dry my face out like other skin products. I'd definitely recommend it!

Alba Bontanica Toner ($8.99)
I had been in need of a nude liner and picked up Rimmel London's Scandaleyes in "Nude." I found mine on sale a couple of weeks ago and was excited to try it. I had kept reading about it and seeing it in tutorials. It really brightens up your eyes, great for those running late days! I prefer nude in my waterline, since it looks more natural than a white liner. The wear time is about 3 to 4 hours. I wish it lasted longer, but still a great eyeliner overall.

Rimmel Scandaleyes in "Nude" ($4.49)
I went to Target today and purchased this cute pencil holder. It was $1 and shall hold my makeup brushes. They had them in pink and blue with a zigzag pattern.

Target $1 brush holder
I picked up this MAC eyeshadow in "Sweet Heat" from their Magnetic Nude Collection. It's a pinkish peach color with a metallic finish. I love it for all over the lid and it doesn't really have any fallout. It's another fave of mine when I'm in a rush. Review posted here.

Mac's "Sweet Heat" eyeshadow ($21)
I've been using this Wet n Wild Mattifying Powder lately and have been loving it. For $5 it does it's job. I apply it after my foundation or BB cream and it controls the shine that usually occurs throughout the day.  Review posted here.

Wet n Wild Mattifying Powder ($5)
I wanted to venture into using pigments and bought some from Myo Makeup off Amazon. They are gorgeous colors! Most are appropriate for fall time. They aren't too hard to work with and last long. Review posted here.

Myo Makeup Nude Metallic Pigments ($13.99)
I had been wanting to check out Sigma's new cosmetics and found a authorized seller on Amazon. I'll be getting a review up this week. "Serene" is a rosey brown with a matte finish. I like to take a break from wearing shimmer on my cheeks sometimes. So far I like it, but am gathering up my final thoughts on it. 

A sample that I recieved from Pinch Me was a Suave Skin Solutions Smoothing Body Lotion. It has cocoa butter and shea. It's meant to soften rough and dry skin. It definitely did that! Every winter only one of my hands gets really dry and cracks. I'm not sure why it's only one of my hands, but this cream helped tons! Plus the smell is amazing! 2 fluid ounces for free isn't too bad! I'll be purchasing when I'm done with this little one! :) You can join Pinch Me here. The samples are completely free and first come, first served on Tuesdays! 

Here are swatches of the Rimmel London nude liner and Sigma blush! Serene has one swatch and the eyeliner was swatched twice. These are in natural lighting.

Sigma's blush in "Serene" and Rimmel London's eyeliner in "Nude"
Too many pictures! Ooops. Sorry! 


  1. great haul!! :) I love the Alba Bontanica Pineapple line; their wipes and cleansers are really nice too :)


    1. I haven't seen their wipes. I love wipes! I'll have to check them out.
      Thank You for reading! :)

  2. Please. If I'm going into a store, you bet the first thing I'll be at is the beauty section. For a good 20-30 minutes :D
    I'm a little sad I missed out on that Magnetic Nude Collection BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED ONE OF THE BLUSHES and darn, MAC collections move so fast!? (I have like, no experience with mac products, soOoO) Sweet Heat is an amazing shade though!


    2. They do! I wish they lasted longer! Ooo you should get one for the blushes post your working on! :) We can now tweet each other about the show! I sadly abandoned the wonderland one .__. I love Alice in Wonderland, but i kind of forgot about it. They should put them on the same day. That would make me so happy. I noticed they only had eight episodes so maybe I can try again since I found them online. :)

    3. Yeah, I did manage to swatch some of the MAC regular blushes this past weekend!
      PSH, well same day would be nice, but I wish they would have enough spinoffs to air one everyday HAHAHAA that would be nice. OK FURTHER OUAT/OUATWONDERLAND CONVOS WILL BE ON TWITTER :D

  3. That pencil holder is supr cute to hold brushes!!! I might have to go look for some :)

    1. Yes! I saw it and instantly thought of a brush holder instead of for my pencils. They are really cute. Plus great price!
      Thanks for reading! (:

  4. lupe pls write a review with swatch on the rimmel scandal eyes in nude :) im thinking of preordering it online. but im also contemplating on whether i should try the black one first and see if its really nice then get more colors after :)

  5. What lovely picks! That MAC Eye Shadow looks super pretty and what a cute little holder for your brushes :)



  6. Holy moly that Mac eye shadow in Sweet Heat looks soo pretty.
    It looks like a perfect bronzy shade for the summer.
    Lovely haul can't wait to hear your thought on these.

    1. Yes! Can't wait to abuse it for the summer time!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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