Myo Makeup Nude Metallic Pigment Set Review

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Today, I'll be talking about Myo Makeup's Nude Metallic Pigment Set. I bought these for $13.99 on Amazon. The price has gone up to $15. I think it's cheaper to buy on their website.

  I wish some of the colors had been a little more pigmented, but I love the finished eye looks in the end. They offer them in 3,5, and 10 gram jars. They had no sifters included, which I didn't like. "Pay Dirt" ended up falling onto my carpet.

They arrived inside of a zip-lock bag in a envelope. They come in clear three gram jars that are sealed tightly. They have no names labeled anywhere.

Freedom is a golden bronze brown. I love this for all over the lid!  I was content with the pigmentation that I received from this one. 


Pay Dirt is a medium brown shade. It has pink and red sparkles with a metallic sheen. This one needs to be worked with a bit. I use Mac's Fix Plus spray to get the color to come out better and then reapply again. It helps the pigment appear more metallic.

"Pay Dirt"
Mushroom is a chocolate brown. It has silver highlights with a metallic sheen. This is my favorite color out of them. Pigmentation is nice. It's great for all over the lid as well.


2nd to None is a nude pink with a hint of sparkle. Metallic sheen as well. This was my least favorite of the bunch. I think I'm just a pink eyeshadow hater. It doesn't show up too well so I used it in my inner corner. It was also the first to fade when I wore it out. 

" 2 to None"
Bed Buddy is a natural copper with a hint of pink. I liked this best in my crease or outer crease area. It screams fall time to me! Lovely pigmentation as well.

"Bed Buddy"
These pigments wear for about 5-6 1/2 hours. I was pleased with their wear time! You will get some fallout, but not too crazy if your careful. I like to apply a sticky base and spray the brush with Mac's Fix Plus for better application. Name labels and sifters would've been nice. They are sold in collections so you can't buy them individually.

I've been loving them and plan to get more pigments in my life. I was scared of making a mess or having plently of fallout. You just have to be careful. 

With Flash
Freedom, Pay Dirt, Mushroom, 2nd to None, & Bed Buddy
Natural Lighting

Freedom, Pay Dirt, Mushroom, 2nd to None, & Bed Buddy
You can purchase them on their website here.

I featured them in a look here.


  1. Yay thank you for doing a full review of these! I was really curious about your thoughts. Great review and swatches! It's too bad you can't buy them individually. I love mushroom! I'll still have to keep these in mind :D

    1. Your welcome! :) I know! It sucks. I hope they sell them individually in the future. Mushroom is gorgeous! I love that they'll last awhile since they are pretty filled.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Mushroom and Bed Buddy are my favorite shades! They are really beautiful neutrals but I honestly don't reach for loose pigments much although I have a few.

    1. They are really nice colors! Really? You should sometime! I love reading about the looks your always create! (:

  3. love the look of mushroom! I've never heard of this brand before! I will have to check them out the next time I'm shopping for pigments!

    1. Yes! I'd definitely recommend them! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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