I wanted to tell you about a new online store I discovered! It's called FeelinGirl.  They offer bodysuits, shorts, panties, shapers, activewear and waist trainers. Shape wear has taken over social media these days. It can help achieve any weight goals you may have. FeelinGirl has about everything you need to keep the extra weight off. 


They offer a variety of products to choose from. They all seem to be discounted at the moment! They currently are having a Spring Sale. Not only that, but they do offer some codes to use to save money. Shipping is free in the US for orders over $70. I know I definitely need some shape wear after gaining weight during this pandemic. FeelinGirl supposedly has the best waist trainer out there!

After Liposuction Lipo Board

 If you plan on getting liposuction at any point, they do sell a post surgery board. It will help with the recovery process. The board provides your body with the support it needs after surgery. It is currently sixty-five percent off! They offer it in nude and black. 

I could see how someone can feel overwhelmed trying to find which product to try first. FeelinGirl typed up an article regarding waist trainer before and after. I highly recommend reading it, if you are new to waist trainers. I love that they empower women to wear what they want! 

I was browsing through their latest new products and stumbled upon this thong shape wear bodysuit! I think it's super sexy, and it is something I might wear out! It is supposed to flatten your tummy. It's offered from a size small to 3XL. It is said to have breathable fabric and the straps are adjustable. You can buy it now for $58.69.

Thong Shape wear

Let me know if you give it a try! 

♡ Lupe