Elf Retro Paradise Makeup Brush Set


I picked up this Elf Retro Paradise Makeup Brush Set at my local Target. The set has five brushes for $20. You can purchase a set here. I loved the look of their Retro Paradise collection. I bought the palette as well, but am not sure if you'd like a review on that too?

For $20 you definitely get what you pay for. It has a small angled brush, a flat eye shadow brush, a blending brush, a airbrush blender, and an all over powder brush. I mostly bought them for the design, but I wanted to know what the Elf brushes were like these days. 

I remember my Elf brushes falling off the handle and shedding back in the day. I know there are people who swear by Elf brushes. The brushes are soft (not super super soft though) and I think they did a good job of picking up product. 

My biggest issue with them was that they were scratchy! I would apply my makeup with them and I could feel the scratchy bristles on my face. You have almost everything you need in here to complete your full face of makeup!

I'd recommend this for teenagers or women barely starting out with makeup. The design is nice to look at, but the quality isn't all there for me. I recommend It Cosmetics, Sephora Collection, or Real Techniques for better quality brushes. 

♥️ Lupe