Kiko Milano Tuscan Sunshine Blush


This was my first time purchasing a product from KIKO. I'm glad they have made it to the Ulta website. I don't currently see this blush on Ulta or KIKO. KIKO does have two other blushes from this collection online. I'm not sure if it will return, it was on there the other day when I checked. 

This is in the shade "01 Florence Dream." As you can see it is two toned. This was regularly priced at $18, but the other two blushes in this collection are currently $9. Florence Dream is described as a peach cream/peach pink. I love the flower design on the blush, and on the packaging!  

This is the lightest shade in the blushes they released from this collection. I was worried it wouldn't show on my skin that well, but it is a beautiful bright coral when all swirled together! 

I used it on my sister who has a fair skin tone and it looked nice on her too! I believe this would look beautiful on any skin tone! It's not as light as I anticipated. I noticed it started to fade at about seven hours. Keep in mind, I have combination skin. There is some powder kick-up and you can smell a faint iris scent.  

It's easy to blend and you can build the color up. You can use either side separately or blend the two shades together!

♥️ Lupe