I wanted to share some products I tried, but wasn't too impressed by. I received the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner in a Boxycharm box. I have liked their products in the past, so I was curious as to how this mask would perform.

It's a pore purifying mask. I applied it onto my clean skin and was literally wondering why this mask smelled like nair! Rotten eggs would be another description for this scent. I couldn't bear to leave this on my face for more than two minutes. It exfoliated my face nicely due to the tiny beads in it, but I couldn't get past the horrid scent. I think this product has potential, but the scent won't let me repurchase this. It claims to remove dirt and oil, which it did. It contains salicylic and glycolic acid.

 Next, I have Urban Decay's Backtalk Eye & Face Palette. It's a 2 in 1 palette. Do those ever really go well? I can hardly get some of the shades to show up on my lids. It's just difficult to work with. It's not the Urban Decay quality I'm used to. The palette does look nice in photos though. I'll be passing this along. I would've liked some different shades. The first couple shades look very similar on the eyes.

The blushes and highlighters were probably the only good thing about this palette. They should've released this separately on its own. The colors showed up nicely on my skin. There was some kick up though. This wasn't worth the $46. You can remove the mirror and the packaging is cardboard. For $46 I expected a better quality formula and better packaging.

What are some products that have failed you?

💙 Lupe