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I really wish summer could stay a little longer, but sadly it's leaving. I shall just pretend it's still summer with Formula X's "TGIF" nail polish! I received this along with a nail polish remover, nail cleanser, base coat, and a top coat. I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

I have never really been the type of girl that gets her nails done. I always just paint them myself. I'll talk about the Formula X System and then proceed to the nail polish remover. These are the claims made by Formula X:
  • 10 Day Wear
  • Chip Resistant Color
  • Gel-Like Shine
  • New Xpert Strokes Brush: Faster, Smoother Finish

CLEANSE XCEL: The nail cleanser has a unique flash dry formula which removes oils and conditions the nails. It will give you a clean slate. I did enjoy the cleansing polish, but my brush kept splitting in half as I applied it.

PRIME XCEL:  This is made with keratin and advanced bonding agents. The base coat prepares, protects, and helps the polish stick. This dried quickly and I didn't experience any problems with the brush.

NAIL COLOR: The third polish in the kit is chosen by you. I was sent "TGIF", which is a coral pink with a crème finish. The color applied a bit chunky for my liking, which resulted in having to redo it a couple of times. The end result was beautiful though. It looked like I had gone to the salon! I got my desired nail finish with two coats of polish.

SHINE XCEL: The top coat seals in color with a gel like finish. This was also a bit thick, but my nails did dry quickly. The brush gave me a quick and easy application.

You can purchase the kit from Sephora here.

Formula X TGIF Nail Polish

Did this hold up 10 days? Nope. It started to chip away on day 6. My nail polish never lasts that long, since I'm always washing the dishes. I was surprised this lasted six days. The brushes are fat, so it does make the process a bit faster. I tried a OPI nail polish and a ORLY nail polish with this system. The OPI chipped on the second day and the ORLY is still currently going strong on day four.

Formula X Delete All 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover

This is one of those nail polish removers where you dip your nails in. It will give you naked nails in seconds! I dipped my finger in and it removed my polish in about 10 seconds. I sometimes had to soak my nail a second time. It's a really fast and easy process. FYI this is not travel friendly. I packed the nail polish remover for a trip and discovered it had spilled. The lid was on correctly, so I'm not sure what happened. It spilled again on the way back, but it was thankfully in a bag. Just pack this alone in a bag, if you're traveling. You can purchase this remover for $15 here.

Some of the polishes run on the thick side, but my manicures never last till day six. I'm curious to see how other brands of nail polishes hold up. The prime excel, TGIF nail polish, and the shine xcel were probably my favorites.

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  1. I've never tried Formula X before, but the color you have is gorgeous. I never believe the claims how of long these are suppose to last, but I'm impressed yours lasted 6 days!

    1. Yeah, sometimes claims seems a bit over exaggerated. Thanks! You should try it out. I saw some nice colors.

  2. Yippie, I also got this from Influenster. I'm on the eight day of wearing this polish and it hasn't chipped yet (yes, I do the dishes). I noticed shrinkage and cracking today. Amazing!

  3. Formula X is pretty good formula and I've tried a couple from the brand and they were pretty good. And lucky you to get this from Influenster, I'm soon getting the L'Oreal Brightening VoxBox which I am over the moon about because I love skincare!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes, I've tried some polishes from them too. Oh that is so exciting! Looking forward to your review.

  4. I think it's an interesting kit. I like systems that give you everything you are supposed to need. It makes life easier.

    I am the opposite. I don't like summer and I can't wait for fall. Lol.

    1. It really does! Aw, I always feel like my summers aren't that long. Fall is a great season too.


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