Yuzen Winter 2015 Box

I'm a big fan of subscription boxes. I love watching or reading about what other people subscribe to. I usually like my Ipsy bags, but was wanting more skincare items. Yuzen is a quarterly subscription box. They'll send you a little Zen every season.  You receive personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items from 6 different companies. 

You will be billed every 3 months at $33.00 a box. You'll receive a box every season. I loved the blue tissue with the floral paper wrapped around it. You receive a card with information about the products. 

21 Drops "Sleep" Essential Oil Blend

I usually find myself having trouble falling asleep. This oil has a blend of potent plant extracts and organic Jojoba Oil. The oil is suppose to quite your mind and relax you. This can be applied to your temples, wrists, and neck.  I've been applying it to my wrists and do feel a little relaxed. I find this as a nice natural way to relax before bedtime.

SALUS Organic Lotion Bar

I never seem to remember to apply lotion, but that's changed lately. I love the scent of lemon. It's great to use on dry, chopped, and rough skin. I keep this by my bedside table.

Level Naturals Organic Menthol & Cucumber Shower Bombs

I'm a big fan of bath bombs, but had never used a shower bomb before. You place it in the tub and let the scent fill your shower. It's a wonderful smell of menthol and cucumber. A great way to open up those sinuses of yours! One of my favorites in this box.

CO-Pur Facial Scrub & Mask

This two in one formula will exfoliate and draw out any impurities you have. I was excited to try this out. It smelled like clay and earthy ingredients. It's a powder that forms into a paste when you add water. My face sadly didn't agree with it. It automatically started to burn my face. 

Kimberly Parry Organics Sweet Orange & Cranberry Scrub

I definitely got a scent of cranberry and orange upon opening this. The scrub isn't that harsh and leaves a nice scent. It's a lovely product to help remove dead skin cells. I wasn't a fan of the big mess in the tub, but it's okay.

The Tea Room Chocolate Fusion Dark Chocolate

Did someone say chocolate?! I'm always in the mood for a little chocolate. It's dark chocolate infused with green tea. It has a rather interesting taste to it. It's not like the usual chocolates I'm use to eating. 

Black Dahlia Nail Lacquer 

The color I received was "Red Spike Cactus." It's a lovely shade of bright red with micro glitter. This will be perfect for the holidays!

Sanitas Skincare Oil Free Moisturizer

I recently watched a Jaclyn Hill video where she shared her skincare routine. She mentioned this brand, and I was glad this was in the box. This is a oil free moisturizer formulated with Vitamin A and Hyaluronic Acid.  This will stimulate collagen production and protect against premature aging. My last couple moisturizers have always left me feeling greasy. I'll be purchasing this in my future.

This was a variety of lovely products for only $33. I like that it's a quarterly subscription. It gives me time to really use the products, before I get new ones. What boxes are you subscribed to? 

Check Yuzen out here

♡ Lupe


  1. This box sounds so amazing!! I love how natural and organic a lot of this stuff is. I was subscribed to buddhibox, which offered similar products to this, not they included stuff like jewelry and yoga towels etc, but it's $30 a month. This sounds like a lot bette deal since you get a lot more products and it's every few months instead!! I'm definitely going to check out this service!
    Too bad about th co pur face scrub, I tried a hand butter from them and it was nice!

    1. Ooo Buddhibox sounds nice! I've been wanting to get into Yoga. My niece is really into it lol. Yup, I love how it's only 4 boxes a year. I didn't know Co Pur also made hand butters. Maybe I'd like those too.


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