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Recently H&M added a new beauty line to their stores. They have foundations, primers, cream eye shadows, and even brushes! They had many more products to choose from. They actually have 700 products! My friend is employed by H&M, and was nice enough to pick me up some items.

My picks were a Pure Radiance Blush in "Apricot", High Impact Eye Color in "Act Your Beige", and a Lip Definer in "Au Naturel".

The packaging is lovely. Look at that hexagon! I really like the gold color of it as well. The packaging is quite simple looking as well. It has a sort of elegance to it, even if it's only plastic.

Act Your Beige Eyeshadow

The eye shadow is velvety smooth and pigmented. I was impressed with the wear time. It held up along side with my UD and Lorac shadows. You can get 8 hour wear with these, using a primer of course. Act Your Beige is a light golden with shimmer shade. I love wearing it all over the lid. One thing I didn't like, they are a little powdery. I'm not getting any fall out, but am getting a lot of powder when I'm swiping my brush across it. It's a down side, but nothing too bad. I'd defiantly pick up more of these. They retail for $6.99.

Apricot Blush

Apricot is a sheer peach blush. The blush is very buildable. It looks like nothing on my arm, but gives my cheeks a lovely peachy color. I think the color would look amazing on ladies fairer than me. Unlike the eye shadow, this was weak in longevity. It lasted about five to six hours on me. The finish of the blush is matte. It's also powdery, but not so much like the eye shadow. H&M does offer a large range of colors to choose from. They have cream blushes if you're into those! The blush retails for $9.99.

Apricot blush with flash

Au Naturel Lip Definer

The lip liner is quite creamy, but not the creamiest. With just one swipe, I have a gorgeous light beige color. Look at that pigmentation!  I enjoy using this to define my lip shape. The finish is a matte finish. I'm going to enjoy topping this off with my nude lipsticks. The lip definer retails for $5.99. That is a deal, my friends!

Time for swatches! 

Act Your Beige, Apricot, and Au Naturel 

Overall, they have lovely packaging, prices, and pigmentation. I'll probably skip out on the blushes next time. I need something with longer wear. I do like that they have an array of colors to choose from, and types of products. The H&M beauty products have certainly lived up to the hype. I recommend you guys check it out next time you visit H&M.

♡ Lupe


  1. I love the shade of that shadow! I've been hearing a lot of positive reviews of this range so I'll have to check it out soon!

    She Likes to Shop

  2. I love this range from H&M Their beauty range is really good! love the sound of the Apricot blush <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    1. Yes, it seems like nice quality products. I was surprised. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've never tried any beauty products from H&M but the blush looks gorgeous! xx


    1. It really is! You should check their products out.


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