Drunk Elephant All Glowy Set

I recently hauled some things from Sephora. They had their VIB sale some time ago. You can check that haul out here. I stumbled upon Beautypedia one day and was reading their reviews. The website goes in depth into what's really in your products. Drunk Elephant's products were all rated five stars.

Five stars you say? I was ready to try out this brand myself. The kit retails for $90. It's currently out of stock at Sephora. It features a night serum, facial oil, and day serum. It gives you a opportunity to try out a little of the brand. They only have a couple of products in their line, which is nice. This brand is a little on the pricey side. This is my first time dipping into high end skincare, so I can't compare these to other products. This line is non toxic and fragrance free.

T.L.C Glycolic Framboos Night Serum

This serum is suppose to refine and regenerate your skin. It will gently destroy the dead skin cells that are on our skin and increase collagen production. I would feel tingly sensations when I first applied this, but it was supposedly my skin adjusting to it. My skin loves this! I've noticed my skin has been a lot brighter since introducing this into my skincare routine. My skin has been softer. I love how this has anti aging benefits. I've been applying it every night.

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

This oil is high in antioxidants and will give you a youthful glow. It also hydrates the skin. I definitely got a glow from this product. It really helped out in battling my dry skin this winter, but i I break out from it. I used each product alone and noticed if I applied this at night, I'd wake up to some new blemishes. My face never tends to agree with oils. It didn't care for the Josie Maran oils either. I really think this product was key to my glow, but I'll have to replace it with another. You can use this over the night serum, day serum, or alone.

C Firma Day Serum     

This day serum is packed with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant complex, essential nutrients, fruit enzymes, and an anti aging chronopeptide that transforms into Vitamin D. I love how hydrating this is for my skin. I usually wear this on my face and top it off with a moisturizer. The night serum is a gel, while this is a liquid. I believe this also played a big part in battling my dry skin from the winter. It absorbs nicely into my skin, and doesn't make me feel greasy. 

This line has high quality and natural ingredients. I love that they are fragrance free. It is on the higher price range of products, but I think it's worth it. I wish the oil had worked out for me. It might for you! I think it's time I had developed a skincare routine. I purchased this at the perfect timing. I'm eager to try out their other products. Plus isn't this name adorable haha? :)

Have you heard of this line or tried anything?

💛 Lupe


  1. This set sounds really nice! The packaging is super cute too, I love the colorful touch in it!! Too bad about the face oil. I haven't tried much oils on my face other than coconut oils but Im always afraid to try them for the same reason you said!

    1. Me too. Very nice packaging. Yes, oils can be a little tricky. You should give them a try though.


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