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Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Favorites 2014

Hello! :)

Today, I'll be talking about my March favorites. March flew by so fast! It was probably because I was busy counting down the days till Spring Break. (: I hardly tend to have monthly favorites since I try to make my way around my collection. If I love a product, you'll usually hear about it in another post. Here are some things I was loving this month!

Sephora Microsmooth Blush Duo in "Guava Glow"

Spring is slowly making it's way into Chicago. This is one of the blushes I've been reaching for the most. I love how one side is shimmer and the other is matte. It's nicely pigmented and worth the $17. I always like admiring the glow it gives me. (Mentioned here.)

Maybelline  Baby Lips in "Peach Kiss"

This is the only Baby Lips I'll wear. I tried two other shades and just didn't like how they looked. I recommend it to my friend and she didn't like it. She ended up giving it to me! Mwuhaha my evil plan worked. It gives my lips a slight tint of peach and doesn't make them feel sticky. It does have some shimmer.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliner in "Nude"

 I've been really loving this eyeliner for the waterline. It instantly brightens and makes my eyes appear bigger. White eyeliner looks a bit odd on me so I like to apply a nude. It's a lifesaver when I wake up late and can only slap on a few products. (Mentioned here.)

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

Where has this been my whole life?! Can we admire the cuteness of this first? :)
I love little samples. My friend received this as a sample and gave it to me. I've been loving it! It's one shade lighter than me, but contouring helps a bit. :)  I primed, applied with a buffing brush, and applied Wet n Wild Fergie Mattifying Powder. It stays pretty much the entire day! I'll be reviewing it soon!

To Selena, With Love by Chris Perez

I got my library card and I automatically knew which book I wanted to read. I would watch the Selena movie a lot as a kid. My mom and sisters would have her music playing as I grew up. She was such a beautiful and caring person. Her husband Chris goes into detail on how they met, hiding their relationship, and her final days. I could not put this book down. It had me smiling, laughing, and crying. I thank him for writing this, I'm sure it was hard to write. I always wanted to know more about their love story and how Selena was as a person.

The Middle

I always use to pass up this show as I channel surfed. This show can always make my day and is hilarious! Frankie is a dental assistant and her husband Mike is the manager at the town quarry. Their oldest son Axl is a semi nudist and enjoys chasing after girls. Sue is their awkward daughter. She likes to try out for things and usually ends up failing with a smile on her face. Brick enjoys reading books and whispering words under his breath. It reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle or Everybody Hates Chris. 

I shall now go watch The Middle! :)

What have you been loving this month? 

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