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I was in the beauty aisle at Target the other day, which I thought was a great idea on my no-buy. I may have bought a new foundation. The brand is called Bairly Sheer and I'd never seen them before. Ulta apparently sells them as well. 

I try to lean towards foundations that are natural looking, or feel light on the skin. I think Bairly Sheer Spray On Foundation really is both of those things. I wasn't sure which color to choose, so I picked up Sun Kissed (Shade #4) and Cinnamon (Shade #5). I noticed these foundations were pink toned. Sun Kissed was a little more pink than Cinnamon. I'm not sure if the other shades are also pink toned, but these two were.  

I shake the can for about 10-15 seconds, and then spray my face. I found the best application was blending it with a wet beauty blender. I sprayed it directly onto the wet beauty blender as well, but preferred spraying it on my face first. The results are a satin finish, natural looking, and medium coverage. I didn't have any build up around the nose area either.

Directions on can
I returned shade #4, and kept shade #5 in "Cinnamon." The foundation feels light weight on the skin, and wore about 6 hours. The brand claims this can wear up to 18 hours. That was not the case for my oily skin. Perhaps the wear time will be different on others. The foundation retails for $12.99, but Ulta currently has it on sale at $9.99. 

For $12.99 you get 1.00 fl oz. That isn't much, so I hope they make larger cans in the future. I suggest moisturizing well, before applying this. I had some dry spots on my chin the other day, and the foundation had emphasized those. I had no trouble when I had a good moisturizer on yesterday. 

The foundation is hypoallergenic, alcohol free, fragrance free, paraben free, and water based. 

Bairly Sheer in Cinnamon as a foundation

I really liked this foundation. I'm interested in trying their spray on blushes. It's natural looking and feels light on my skin. I do feel like $12.99 for just 1 fl oz of product isn't that great though. I'll most likely pick this up for the summer months though.

This product can be found at Ulta or Target.

Have you spotted this line yet or tried it?

♡ Lupe


  1. I've never tried an spray on foundations before! It looks nice and natural on your skin. That's good to know that they are medium coverage too. My skin is also oily so I'm sure the wear time wouldn't be 18 hours on me either!

    1. You should try them. They really do look natural. I know Dior and Sephora have spray on foundations.

  2. I have not seen or heard of this foundation before. Hm, I haven't tried spray on foundations, but they sound neat. It looks really nice on you!
    xo, Lily

    1. I like the idea of it. Light weight and natural looking. You should try them out sometime. & Thank you!

  3. This looks great on you! I haven't seen this at my Target yet, but I know we're supposed to be adding new stuff to our makeup aisles soon so hopefully this ends up popping up and that some of the lighter shades have a yellow hue to them :) I've never tried a spray on foundation before, but it seems like it would be quick to apply!

    1. Ooo that sounds cool! Yes, hopefully they do have a yellow hue. I love how quick it is to apply. Definitely great in the mornings when you don't have much time!


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