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I think I have a little more makeup than the average woman. My makeup organizer has three sections to it, and they've started to overflow into each other. I purchased my last beauty item on December 26th, which was the Beautylish 2016 Lucky Bag. My no-buy will last until my birthday. 

My rules 

  • Not allowed to buy any makeup products (Foundation is allowed if new shade is needed)
  • Makeup wipes, cotton balls, and my usual cleanser are allowed
  • Gifts are allowed 
  • No new subscription sign ups (Subscriptions currently on waiting list are allowed)
  • No nail polish
  • Try to use up old products this year 

I'm about three weeks into my no-buy. I keep seeing new drugstore products, and am very tempted to break my no buy. I decided to pick a few items that need to be finished this year. 


Eyeshadow is one product that I love buying. The Lorac Pro and Urban Decay Naked 2 Palettes have been in my collection for quite some time now. Bootycall will probably be the first shadow to be finished from UD Naked 2 Palette. It's my favorite high light shade. Taupe, Mauve, Sable, and Espresso have some noticeable sunken appearances.

UD Naked 2 & Lorac Pro Palettes
Swatches of my favorites.

Naked 2 Swatches

Lorac Pro Palette Swatches

Lorac Pro Palette Swatches

I picked two items I've had for awhile. The Balm's Hot Mama is one of my favorites, but it just gets put aside when I'm trying new blushes. I also chose Sephora's blush in "Orange Punchy Sunbaked." I just noticed Sephora doesn't even sell this anymore..oh god.

Hot Mama & Orange Punchy Sunbaked swatches

Lip Products & Eyeliner

Again, I picked items I've had for awhile. I received the J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint and City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Ipsy bags. They are both beautiful colors, but I just don't use them enough. I think the lip paint will be wonderful for this time right now. I use to have a bottom eyeliner phase, but that wore off. Purple does compliment brown eyes, but it's time NYX's Slide on Glide on Pencil gets finished. 

Well I hope I can survive this No-Buy. I'll update later if I finish any products. You guys should join me if you'd like to! :)


  1. You're doing a great hoc on your no buy!! 3 weeks is good progress!! It's so hard not to buy makeup when there's new things out. I would allow myself to purchase foundations if I needed a new shade too, or if I ran out of my favorite concealer, powder, eyeliner or mascara since I don't stray much from my favorites of those. That's also a good idea to focus on some makeup that you want to finish up this year, I really need to do that too!! I followed a girl who was doing a similar no buy throughout the year but she only allowed herself to purchase I think 5 or 10 new makeup items during the year!

    1. Thank you! You should try and finish some things up. Just set aside like 2 or 3 products you can work on finishing. Ooo that sounds like a good idea! I would like only buying a certain amount of products a year.

  2. 3 weeks in? You will do good! I did a few no-buys a year ago and did good, but they were only a month long. I really should consider doing a no-buy or a project pan!
    xo, Lily

    1. Thank you! A month long sounds great! You should try doing the no buys for a month, since it's not too long.

  3. The no spending ban definitely gets easier as time goes by and you soon realise just how much makeup you already own. I speak from a lot of practice haha x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thanks, Alina! I feel like it is getting a little easier, and it helps save money.

  4. Kudos to you on your strength. I have considered doing this but I'm too weak. :(

  5. If it helps, I have a Use It Up series on my blog which can give you some inspiration. It helps me to post what I finish because it's so inspirational and satisfying to see everything I managed to finish.

    1. Omg thank you! I'll check it out! :) Very inspirational!


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