APTO Skincare Nourishing Mask with Blue Spirulina


I got a deluxe size sample of this mask in my May Ipsy bag! The APTO SKINCARE Nourishing Mask with Blue Spirulina did not live up to my expectations. I am a face mask lover and was stoked when I saw this in my bag! 

This is from the brand's site; A wholesome formula to treat your skin to that extra dose of hydration that helps prevent signs of tightness and dullness. A perfect match for dry skin types: squalane to improve elasticity and blue spirulinato promote the growth of new healthy cells. 

Perhaps I didn't like it because it's meant for dry skin as stated on the packaging. It went on pretty thick and didn't dry down that well. I love when the mask dries under five minutes. That ingredient list really speaks to me! I want new healthy skin cells and my skin to look less dull!

While my skin looked brighter after using this mask, it was extremely difficult to wash off!! I tried it another time with a thinner layer and still had a hard time washing it off. I shouldn't have to scrub my face to get a face mask off. ☹️
♥️ Lupe 


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