I've written about FreedomSilk in the past and they reached out to me again. They have a variety of pillowcases, pajamas, bedding, and accessories. They seem to have added tons of items since I last featured them. I'll show some products down below and link the urls. They offer free worldwide shipping and currently have a discount going on. You can use the code SPRING for ten percent off your purchase! The website is very easy to navigate!

I think their most popular items are probably the silk pillowcases. Their products have non toxic dyes. This one sided silk pillowcase caught my eye! You can find it here.

It looks so soft! I just want to lay my head on it. 😴 I like the ivory color choice and the ocean blue color pictured above. It has a hidden zipper design! That allows the pillowcase to hold the pillow better. $25.99 sounds like a reasonable price to pay!

I would love to fall into a bed that had a silk bed set! I absolutely adore this rosy pink one

It looks so luxurious! The pricing seems to depend on the size bed you have. The reviews say that they are soft and stay cool. I hate waking up in the summer and finding my body has gotten stuck to my sheets from the heat. Some have noticed a difference in their skin and hair. I will literally try anything that will help my skin. The set includes a duvet cover, a flat sheet, and two terse pillowcases.

I need a silk nightgown in my life. They look so soft and comfortable looking! There is short and long ones to choose from! I like this apricot one! It's just the right length for me! This one is priced at $99 and the price goes up if you need a size bigger than XXL.

♥️ Lupe


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