INC.REDIBLE You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly


I saw this brand floating around in the beauty community. It costs only $12! You can find it here on Sephora's website. I have seen some of their products in store. 

I got the shade "Cosmic Blur." It's described as an ultra violet. It is iridescent as stated above. I tried to capture the violet shimmer the best that I could. It feels like a jelly obviously, but it dries down quickly. I love putting it in my inner eye corners or to highlight my cheeks. I also apply it on my cupid's bow.  

I love that it doesn't feel sticky on my skin. I think this would be great for music festivals, to put all over the body. You can use a brush or your finger. I do wish it lasted longer. I feel like it really only wears about four hours before it starts to fade. I do have oily skin so maybe it would last longer on you! 

♥️ Lupe


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