Maple Holistics Silk18 Shampoo


I was sent this product to review. I have written about Maple Holistics before in the past, which you can read here. My hair is on the dry end but with the oil at the roots mostly. The Silk18 shampoo is infused with 18 different silk amino acids! I try to use natural products whenever I can! 

This will help you achieve stronger and lucious looking hair. I took a photo of the ingredients in it, some of the ingredients are argan oil, botanical keratin, jojoba oil, and natural vanilla fragrance. It is paraben & sulfate free. Everyone in the family can use it! 

I could smell the vanilla as soon as I applied it to my hair. It lathered up well and rinsed out easily. I used it all week and my hair doesn't look as oily. It does appear to look healthier these days! It's gentle on my scalp and doesn't dry out my hair. I have had so many bad shampoos dry out my hair. 

I don't have much breakage going on at the moment, but this shampoo will apparently help with that!! My hair doesn't feel as dry since I started using this. It can protect your hair from dryness and hair breakage as well! My dandruff hasn't been super crazy since introducing Silk18 to my hair routine. It is 96% natural. 

I look forward to seeing how my hair looks in the long run while using this!  

Check out this article to find out which shampoo is best for damaged hair! 

♥️ Lupe 


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