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I found this set of three Origins face masks at Ulta one day. It cost $24, but I can't find it online anymore for some reason. Sephora and Ulta both have different sets to purchase! Each mask contains 1 fl oz. The masks in the set are Clear Improvement, Drink Up Intensive, and Out of Trouble. It let me try out a variety of face masks without paying a lot. 

Out Of Trouble 

This one was probably my favorite out of the three. It's a ten minute mask to rescue problem skin. It sucks up your oil,  removes dead cells, and get rid of nasty gunk from your skin! This definitely helps absorb any oil I have and calms down any breakouts I currently have. I love the scent of it as well. This was the easiest mask to wash off! I will be repurchasing.  

Clear Improvement

This is an active charcoal mask to clear pores. It helps clear out anything that is clogging up your pores. The consistency is a bit thinner compared to Out of Trouble. This one was harder to wash off though. I have a love/hate relationship with charcoal masks. This mask doesn't break me out and my skin looks brighter after using it! 

Drink Up Intensive, Out of Trouble, and Clear Improvement 

Drink Up Intensive 

I have sampled this mask before in the past. I apparently didn't like the scent back then, but this time it smells much more fruity. It smells like apricots. It leaves my skin looking moisturized in the morning. You can use this on dry spots or as a shaving cream! My skin feels much smoother the next day. Unfortunately, this causes me to break out. I'll be using this as a shaving cream now. 

♡ Lupe


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