Milani Bold Obsessions 02 Palette


I picked this Milani Bold Obsessions 02 Palette up at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. It was about $14 and some change. Milani's website has them priced at $20! You can find it here. I didn't realize that they have three other palettes to choose from. The packaging can easily get a lot of fingerprints on it. 

I hate that it can get dirty pretty quickly, but it is sturdy. It also has a mirror in it, which makes my life much easier! The eyeshadows are a variety of mattes and metallics. This can be hard to work with when it comes to using a brush. I got better results when I used my fingers to apply them. 

The swatches come up looking pigmented, but it honestly doesn't look like that on my eyes when a brush is used. The mattes blended nicely. There is some fallout with the metallic shades.

You will get kick up with these shadows. If you have the time to put in, then go ahead and use your fingers to get a more pigmented eye look. The names of the eyeshadows can be found on the back. I did see creasing after five to six hours. I expected for it to perform a little better. For it being drugstore, it's just a decent palette.

This is the first and second row of the palette

  • Can't Pink Straight
  • Sweet As Honey
  • Bare In Mind 
  • Sands Of Time
  • Gold-Getter
  • Slate All Day

  • Suede Side To Side
  • Blazing Hot
  • Smoke Signals
  • Brunettes Have Fun
  • Red Between The Lines
  • Little Black Dress
I think twenty dollars is just a bit overpriced for the quality of these eyeshadows.  I think this was hyped up in the beauty community. All four eyeshadows in each row going down can be used to create a look for sunrise, sunset, and nightfall. I thought that was pretty cool! 

♥️ Lupe


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