Lime Crime Diamond Crushers


I can't seem to find the set of these that I purchased a couple months back. You can find two mini sets here and here. These are meant to be used on the lips,face, or body. I've only been using them on my eyes, so my review will be based off that. 

I have the shades Unicorn Queen, Black Unicorn, and Unicorn. Such pretty unique shades and unlike anything else I have in my collection. They're fun to wear and really bring out my eyes! The packaging is travel friendly. They each have a dove lip applicator. I got my mini set for $12. A full size diamond crusher costs $20. 

You can apply these to the inner corner of the eye or in the crease. I would say "Unicorn" faded after four hours on the eyes. I like using a glitter primer when applying these. They take a little to dry but don't move once they've dried. 

Unicorn Queen, Black Unicorn, and Unicorn. 🦄
Apparently these are not approved for the eye area. Oops. I should really read directions lol. These are purely to be used as lip toppers, highlighters, or under the brows. 

♡ Lupe 


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