Smashbox + Vlada Palette


I've been playing with this palette for about two months now! Honestly, you need this! I'm so impressed with the quality! The packaging on this limited edition palette is gorgeous!

You can find the palette here. It's priced at $29. I'd buy a painting just like this! It has a range of metallics and mattes. I can see the top highlight shadows being used as highlighters for the face!

I did get some powder kickup and fallout from this palette. I've created such pretty looks with this palette that I overlook those things. The fallout isn't too super crazy. This is safe to travel with as well! It includes a mirror and has a magnetic top. The colors are pigmented! This palette can work for day or evening looks!

I feel like I have everything I need in this little palette! My absolute favorite shade is the matte nude rose on the left side. I'd buy more of these for that $29 price! The shades blend nicely for the most part with some fallout like I mentioned before.

Nude Rose, Rose Quartz, Floral Support, Rose Rocked, XO Vlada, Coffee Blossom, Fresh Stem, and Opal Rose 

♥️ Lupe


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