Product Fails


I wanted to share some skincare products I used and just wasn't impressed with. I found the pimple patches at my local Marshall's. I like looking there for makeup and skincare at reduced prices. The matcha mask was something I got using my Ipsy points.

H20+ Beauty Aquadefense Refining Matcha Detox Mask 

This is a peeling facial mask that detoxes the appearance of pores for a smoother complexion. It's infused with matcha green tea and marine extracts. 

I applied this and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It tingled a bit at first and I wasn't happy to find shimmer in it. That does not belong in a face mask! That won't help my skin at all. The bigger mask of this retails for $38. 

It peeled off nicely and I didn't have trouble washing it off. I just feel after inspecting it, that it didn't pull any gunk out. 

Alba Acne Pimple Patch 40 ct 

I wanted to like these, but I prefer the Nexcare or Cosrx brand pimple patches. I use pimple patches to reduce inflammation and to minimize my pimple size overnight. Compared to other pimple patches, these don't really absorb any pus or oil from my zit. They are sturdy when staying on my face, so much that I end up pulling some tiny face hair when pulling them off. I got mine for $5.99 when they are originally $7.09. 

♥️ Lupe 


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