I took a little vacation in May to Kentucky and Tennessee. I'll link the places I visited down below! I spent nine days in a row with my family and surprisingly nobody killed anyone. We're not violent people I swear, lol. I think I can actually see myself vacationing with them once a year. It was fun and definitely a vacation that everyone needed. 

Horses galore! They were so cute! Some had been in the Kentucky Derby. I got to pet them and watch them put on a show. I wanted to ride a horse, but it was a bit pricey in my opinion. There was a large amount of land at this park and a couple of attractions to keep you busy. The staff was incredibly friendly! 

Kentucky Horse Park 

Ahhh so damn cute! I would've taken a penguin home if I could. There was an area where the kids could crawl under to get a better look at the penguins in the water. They have a live penguin cam on their website to see little baby penguins! 🐧

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies

This store had tons of movie and tv show cups, posters, games, funko products, etc. 

Buckboard Too!

I thought this museum was a bit overpriced, but it did have some interesting things. It opened in 2016 and gives people a behind the scenes look at crime history in America! I found it pretty cool that they managed to get the ford bronco from the police chase that OJ Simpson was in. You'll find many artifacts from crimes here! 

Alcatraz East

What's safer than a roller coaster in a forest? This had been on my bucket list ever since my friend rode one. It was a fun experience going up to 30 mph! I'd definitely do this again!  

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Lola had to stay home for the trip, but here she is making an appearance! 😍

Who had more fun than the children on this trip when we visited the arcade? This girl! They had so many arcade games to choose from! The bathrooms were also very nice and they had lovely customer service. I'd go back again.

Rockin Raceway

Sorry, for all the pictures. I took some out so it didn't look too cluttered. 😶

💜 Lupe 

Where did you recently visit? Any recommendations? 


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