MAC Mystery Box


A couple of weeks ago, MAC released a box with mystery items inside. I believe this is the first time they had done something like this. I wanted to show you what I received in mine! Did anybody pick one up? It was $49 with seven items inside! One was a travel size though.

I was hesitant on purchasing one of these, because I was worried I was going to get bright colors. I saw somebody receive a mint eyeshadow! My box was pretty lip heavy, so it would've been nice to have seen a blush or bronzer. 

I received a travel size MAC Fix Plus in Lavender. ($12) I like using this to prep my skin for makeup or to set it. It comes in handy when I want shadows to appear more vibrant on my lids. I couldn't find the link to the travel size.

Eyeshadow in Paradisco 

This is described as a bright pinky coral with pearl. ($17)

The lipsticks I received were Frosting, Touch, and Kinda Sexy. They're all valued at $18.50. I'm not sure what I'll do with the white lipstick, but my friend said to use it as a mixer. 

Next, we have a lipglass in New Galaxy. ($17.50) It's described as a cool blue with shimmer.

I received a MAC 159 brush, but can't seem to find it. This might be it though. This one has much more sturdy bristles compared to some other MAC brushes I own. You can use it for liquids or powders.

I got a sample of a the Velvet Teddy shadescent. Don't do it! No, nope, nope. It was a mixture of skunk and old lady smell. I couldn't stand it. );

Touch, Frosting, Kinda Sexy, New Galaxy, and Paradisco

♥️ Lupe


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