Tosave Product Review


I was recently contacted by Tosave  to review some items from them. All thoughts are what I honestly think of the products. They have all kinds of products to choose from! I see items for the house and garden. There is a variety of clothing for everyone in your family! I picked out a bodysuit and a sweat shield.

Sweat Shield 

If you've been a reader of my blog for years, then you may know that I sweat excessively. These sweat shields did seem a little gimmicky at first, but they do absorb some sweat. It has two layers of cotton fabric. I extended the elastic band holding the fabric as far as I could. I did have times where it was falling off during the day. I like that you can hand wash these! I like that it absorbs my sweat throughout the day, but I'll have to mess with it a bit to make sure it doesn't fall off. It's currently selling for $3.82.

Women Long Sleeve Bodysuit 

I was so excited to get this! I don't have any bodysuits in this tan color! Unfortunately it's in the 80s to 90s here now. I'm looking forward to wearing it in the fall time. The quality is nice and stretchy. I was comfortable in it and the neck area wasn't too tight. I love the buttons going up on both arms! The sizes range from small to x-large. I'd definitely purchase another in a different color! It's currently selling for $9.99.

You can check out Tosave here.

Women's sweaters 

♥️ Lupe


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