Sammy Dress Review


I received some items from Sammy Dress! I received a peplum shirt, a bodysuit, and a blush brush. These are my honest thoughts on them. The shipping does take awhile, since they ship from China. 

Lace Up Bell Sleeve Chiffon Peplum Blouse 

This did not come with a belt around the front, which disappointed me. I was not a fan of some loops it had on the front, so I flipped it around. I preferred wearing it that way. This is something you can wear on a date or to work! The sleeves are a bit big. This is currently being sold for $18.07. 

Low Cut Sequinced Bodysuit 

Thankfully this wasn't too low cut! I got a medium and it actually fit a little loose. The straps allowed me to adjust it.  I love it for a night out dancing or to go to a bar. I can easily throw on a skirt or jeans with it! It's currently out of stock, but hopefully it restocks! 

Multipurpose Flame Nylon Blush Brush 

This is for blush, but I prefer to use it to highlight. It's soft and it gets the job done. I'd repurchase more. I didn't experience any shedding with this brush. It's currently being sold for $3.46. 

Have you bought anything from Sammy Dress?

♥ Lupe 


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