Lupe's Life September 2017 - November 2017


Long time no see. Fall has me feeling uninspired/lazy and I can't get any good pictures lately. Damn you clouds and rain! Here's what I've been up to though!

I went with my niece to a children's museum. I think I had a lot more fun than she did. They had a tank full of pretty fish! She decided to pull me into a workshop with real wood, hammers, and nails in it. She clearly pulled the wrong aunt into there. Halfway through she was like "I quit this job." Here's what we made. We bought it home, but my sister made us throw it out incase someone decided to use it as a weapon. 😆

I went to Indianapolis in September with my friends for a little getaway. We went to a medical museum, where I saw a human head! They had a lovely garden outside and the tour was pretty informative and cheap.

The house we stayed in was beautifully decorated and was close to the downtown area. I should've taken more blog pictures there. My friends and I took advantage of the hot tub the owners had! We ate out a couple of times. I would highly recommend Ralston's DraftHouse! The food was so good that I forgot to take a picture. I went to Yolk, but wasn't too impressed. I had some sort of mexican skillet.

This Halloween I was Wonder Woman! I should've rocked a red lip, but I went for a nude lipstick. Here I am with Robin and Clark Kent lol.

What have you been up to? :)

💜 Lupe


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