Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette


I picked up the Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette from Ulta over the summer. The packaging is pretty cute! It's unique compared to other palettes that I have. It has 9 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush, and a matte liquid lipstick. You can purchase it here for $20. 

I'll start off with the eyeshadows. There are four metallic shades, which are really pretty looking. BUT. MAJOR FALLOUT! If you have the time to work with these eyeshadows, I'd suggest a glitter glue. They were easier to work with when I wet my shadow brush a little. They last about six to seven hours. 

Teresita, Kades, Alana, Lola, Bing Bing, and Harley. 
The palette leans on the warm side, which will be nice when creating fall makeup looks. I didn't pick up much with my finger from the five matte eyeshadows. A brush worked better. The mattes in here aren't too pigmented and I found them a little powdery. Overall, I can work with the shadows to create a nice look. Plus, one of the shadows is named Lola! 🐕🐶 (My dog's name. hehe) 

Weezy, Rosemary, Tobo, Hollerr highlight, Mahal blush, and liquid lipstick in Scandy.

The highlighter in "Hollerr" is a trio of three. I like mixing all the highlighter shades to give my face a nice glow! It lasts about five and a half to six hours. The blush in "Mahal" is a matte rosy nude which compliments any look! It tends to disappear before my highlighter does, so it isn't too long wearing. I still like the color though. I don't own too many deep blushes. 

The liquid lipstick has a sweet scent to it. It takes a bit to dry down and when it does, the formula is a bit dry. It doesn't budge though, which is nice when it comes to liquid lipsticks. "Scandy" is a pink toned nude. 

For $20 this isn't too bad. I can work with the shadows if I have the appropriate primer and tools. I wish the blush lasted a little longer though and that the liquid lipstick wore much more comfortably. 

♥ Lupe


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