Jouer Cosmetics Essential Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette


I've been playing around with this palette for about a month now. It's the Essential Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette by Jouer Cosmetics. You can purchase it here for $40. I purchased mine from Dermstore and used a 20% off coupon they had going on at the time. 

I think it was worth it with the discount. It has a cheetah print on the front side and a mirror inside. The palette is pretty sturdy and it features fourteen eye shadows. The eyeshadows are nice, but nothing I'd sell my first born child for. Some are a little more on the powdery side. The shade "Sand" basically broke while I was doing some swatches. I can already see myself hitting pan on the shades "Cafe" and "Macchiato" soon due to the powder kick up.  

The shadows included are:

Dew - Soft shimmering cream
Matte Vanilla - Matte Buttercream
Fresco - Matte Pale Pink
Sand - Shimmering Champagne Pink
Mocha - Shimmering Bronze
Macchiato - Matte Taupe
Desert - Matte Red Sand
Sepia - Matte Terracotta Brown
Cafe - Soft Shimmering Brown
Suede - Shimmering Deep Bronze
Dark Chocolate - Matte Rich Brown 
Licorice - Matte Soft Black 

Dew, Matte Vanilla, Fresco, and Sand
Mocha, Macchiato, Desert, and Sepia

Cafe, Suede, Dark Chocolate, and Licorice

"Sand" and "Desert" really compliment each other when it comes to creating looks. You have a good variety of colors here. I can easily make a daytime to nighttime look. They are long lasting! They held up well while I hung out till the wee hours of the night. My sister wore them to the gym and the sauna. She said they made it through all of that. I found some of them to have a dry formula like "Matte Vanilla" for example. 

I really love some of the looks I created with this palette, but the powder and dryness in some shadows bother me. If you can get it at a discount, go for it! 

❤ Lupe 


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