Best Damn Beauty Cleanser & Lip Mask


I have followed Nicole Guerriero for a couple of years now. She is one of my favorite beauty gurus. I was so excited to find out she had created her own skincare line. I had seen a couple of her products on her channel, and I was dying to try her lip mask!

Best Damn Beauty Cleanser

This is infused with omega rich antioxidants and is also sulfate free. It's a foaming cleanser that instantly melts off any dirt, or makeup I have on my skin.  I like how this is housed in a packaging with a pump.You only need one pump for your face! My face doesn't feel stripped of its moisture afterwards, which is a highlight for me. This hasn't caused me to break out luckily, but it has a very strong chemical scent to it. This is supposedly suppose to have a rose scent to it. You can find the cleanser here for $26.

Best Damn Cleanser

Best Damn Lip Mask

I had never really tried a lip mask before, so I was quite curious to see what all the hubbub was about. This definitely had a rose scent to it! I apply this before a lipstick to prepare my lips, or at nighttime. It leaves my lips feeling moisturized and looking soft! My lips are less dry now, since I started using this. You can purchase it here for $26.

Best Damn Lip Mask

If I had to pick, I'd probably only repurchase the lip mask. I do like the cleanser since it easily melts off any makeup/dirt on the skin, but I can't stand the overpowering chemical scent. It might be what they call a rose scent, but I'm not a fan. The lip mask had a much more pleasant rose scent to it.

♡ Lupe


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