Wet n Wild Fall 2016 "Plaid To The Bone" Eyeshadow Trio


Fall is almost upon us in the states. I was at Walgreens the other day and I decided to take a quick look in the beauty aisle. I saw the Wet n Wild Autumn Lush display with this little trio sitting all alone. I had to give it a home!

"Plaid To The Bone" costs $2.99 and can be found at Walgreens. I didn't see it listed on Wet n Wild's website anymore. They may be restocking. The eyeshadow trio contains:

  • A Pale Shimmery Bronze (Browbone shade)
  • A Shimmery Dark Navy Blue (Crease shade)
  • Blue/Brown Duochrome (Eyelid shade)
  • two little brushes (Not in the picture, I tossed them)
The "Browbone" shade was a bit too dark and shimmery to be used on the browbone. I preferred to use the shade on my lid. It does brighten up the eye area. All these colors are a bit dramatic, but I was able to work with them. The "Crease" shade was patchy when I swatched it, but I didn't have any problems when I applied it. It really complimented the eyelid shade.

I hardly experienced any  fallout with these eyeshadows. These are such nice quality eyeshadows. When it comes to drugstore eyeshadows, I feel like Wet n Wild always knocks it out of the park. The "Eyelid shade" is simply gorgeous!

The shadows wore for 6-7 hours. I experienced creasing at about six hours. I preferred using these shadows separately and wet to make my eye looks pop. You'll also get more of that duo chrome effect when using the eyelid shadow wet.  

(L to R) Browbone, Crease, & Eyelid

They were easy to blend. I wish the Crease shadow had been just a bit more pigmented. The Browbone and Eyelid shadows were both highly pigmented.

If you spot this at your local Walgreens, I'd recommend picking one up!



  1. I'll definitely be picking this one up if I see it! All three of those shadows are gorgeous! I love those duo chrome blue/brown shades. You can wear it over so many different bases too to change the look of it, which I love!

    1. This is definitely up your alley! Ooo great idea about changing the bases!

  2. I love that WnW has a dupe for MAC Club. :)

    I wonder if Rite Aid in NYC has the fall collection out yet? I'll have to check it out tomorrow after work.

    1. I still need to add Club to my collection. I hope you find the collection! I wish we had Rite Aid in IL. ):

  3. I know the Wet n Wild 8 eyeshadows palette is really good but the trios are very hit and miss. Good to know this is amazing!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I haven't really tried the 8 shadow palettes. Very true, some can be a miss!

  4. These look super stunning especially for the price!!! :D

    xx SofiaaDot


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