NARS "Nordstrom's Best" Cheek Palette


I picked up this NARS cheek palette during Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. It was $65, but it has a value of $124. It contains four blushes, one bronzer, and one highlighter. I think we all essentially want a face palette that has it all. It's no longer available, but the blushes, highlighter, and bronzer are sold on their own.

I'll start from top left and move my way to the bronzer.
  • Orgasm Blush - Peachy Pink with shimmer
  • Deep Throat Blush - Peach with shimmer
  • Albatross Highlighter - Light Golden Sheen
  • Luster Blush - Sheer Golden Apricot
  • Desire Blush - Cotton Candy Pink
  • Laguna Bronzer - Brown with golden shimmer
I love the selection of blushes they put in this palette. The blushes are amazing quality. I didn't have any trouble with them. You get exceptional color payoff from just one swipe across the cheeks. "Desire" did look a bit bright on my cheeks, but I was able to tone it down. "Orgasm" is by far my favorite blush out of the bunch. The shimmer wasn't too overpowering. I feel like "Luster" goes perfectly with whatever makeup look I have in mind. The blushes wear for about 7-8 hours. Each blush contains 3.5 grams.

"Albatross" gives my skin a nice golden sheen. Seriously, you need only one swipe of this! You'll be looking radiant! The blushes and bronzer seem to last longer than the highlighter. Albatross lasted about six and a half hours. It does look white in the pan, but does appear golden when applied. Albatross is also 3.5 grams.

The "Laguna" bronzer really warms up my face. I do have trouble with picking up product though. It swatched patchy and I have to keep dipping my brush in the pan. The pan contains 3 grams of product. Nonetheless, I'm glad I discovered this bronzer. It doesn't make me look muddy and it lasts around 7-8 hours.

This was a great introduction to NARS face products. This was definitely worth the $65! Laguna could've been a bit better, but these are all great quality cheek products.



  1. So many gorgeous colors!


  2. This is such a lovely palette with so many of my favorites! I love orgasm and deep throat, and albatross is one of my favorites. I use Laguna everyday. I think it's one of those products that you need to dig into before it picks up more product!

    1. They are quickly becoming my favorites too. Which other blushes do you like? I'll do some more digging then lol.

    2. I have Sin and it's a gorgeous one, especially for this time of the year! I also have one called Almeria but it might have been a limited edition, but it's a good one if you can find it!

  3. Oh wow that's such a gorgeous palette! I love NARS blushes xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I own all the shades in this palette. That moment when you realize you are a collector. Lol.

    1. Lol! They are such great quality though! A great beauty investment.

  5. wish i could get this palette! every year i miss it at nordstrom cos i have no moneyz lol. the selections are too good :)

    1. Aw! Don't worry. You'll get it someday, since they are always putting out different versions of this palette.


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