Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair 5 Piece Brush Set


I had been eying these Too Faced brushes for awhile. HSN had them on sale sometime in July, and I had found a coupon for HSN as well. You can currently find them at Sephora for $65 here. I'm sure HSN will have them on sale again at some point.

This brush set is utterly adorable. It's pink with tiny teddy bears on the brush handles! I also love that the brushes are labeled. In the set you'll find a powder brush, a liner brush, a contour brush, an all over shadow brush, and a blender brush. You also get a heart-print cosmetic bag, which also has teddy bears pictured on the inside.

Liner & Contour Brushes
I actually don't use the liner brush for liner. I like using it to apply shadow in the crease area. The contour brush is great for applying shadow in the outer crease. All the brushes feel so soft! Too Faced claims the smoothness and softness of the hair is comparable to real animal hair, minus the animal cruelty. Too Faced is a cruelty-free brand.

I didn't have a problem with picking up product. If anything, they picked up quite a lot of product. I had to keep tapping the excess product off my brushes, which I don't mind!

Blender & All-Over Shadow Brushes
They have sturdy handles and I didn't have a problem with shedding. I can't stand when I'm applying my makeup and a brush starts to shed onto my face. I like using the blender for applying shadow in the crease. I wish the all-over shadow brush had been flat. They fit my eye shape nicely, but I could see how they could be a bit big for someone with a smaller eye shape.

Powder Brush
The powder brush is my favorite. It's so silky smooth and it evenly distributes setting powder over my face. It has a dome shape and I'm able to easily set my under eye area with this brush. I really hope Too Faced releases more brushes in the future.

Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set

Overall, these are good quality brushes. They pick up product nicely, don't shed, have sturdy handles, and are so soft. I feel like $65 is a bit much, so you might want to purchase these if you see them on sale.

- Lupe


  1. Those brushes are so sooo cute!! I love how they are pink too!! I'm glad to know that there are good!

    1. Yes! They look so cute in my brush holders. I always wanted pink brushes, and they are good quality. Win win!

  2. Those would look great as decorations for blog photos! And I'm sure they're a joy to use as well, I need some more brushes x

  3. This is so cute! It would make a great gift for someone who loves pink.

  4. Good to know the brushes are great quality and soft! I too think $65 is a little overpriced but at least you like them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes, pretty pricey but they are good quality. I'm glad I was able to get them for a lower price.

  5. Glad to hear the brushes are good but the packaging can sell me... hehe~


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