Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brow Kit


It is so hot out today! I really hate when my makeup starts to melt off my face in the summer time. I do know by the end of the day that my brows will still be there. This Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brow Kit has quickly become my holy grail. It's priced at $36 and is only available at Ulta.

I was always plucking my eyebrows or getting them threaded in high school. I wish I had just grown them out a little, or had not touched them at all. I'm finally at a brow shape that I like. I get them waxed instead of threaded now.

Before Brow Wax

After Brow Wax
ABH Kit was used
I've always used brow pencils and feel like they make my brows look harsh sometimes. I wanted something a little more natural looking, so I picked up this kit. Dark brown doesn't look that warm in person, but I should bump up a shade darker next time.

The kit includes:

Full size Clear Brow Gel  (0.28 oz)
Full size Brow Powder Duo (0.03 oz)
Mini Duo Brush

That's a $72 value!

The brow powder has a light shade and a darker shade. I use the light shade at the inner corner of my brows and the darker shade towards the tail of my brows. The powder is mildly pigmented, which is fine with me. I think it really helps define my brows. I have had my makeup on for 10 hours and my makeup will all be mostly gone by then. My brows are still looking the same until it's time to wash them off. It gives my brows a soft look and is definitely buildable.

Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown Swatches
(L) is light shade & (R) is dark shade
The clear brow gel helps my brow hairs stay in place. It doesn't make my brows look crusty. This will last all day. It does have a odd chemical scent though, which may bother some. The thick wand distributes product evenly to my brows.

I didn't think I would like the brow applicator that came with it. It fits perfectly in my hands and lets me get my brow hairs from different angles. It's soft and picks up product well. I used another brow brush the other day and realized how stiff it was compared to the ABH brush. I'll never use another brow brush again!

What brow products do you love?

- Lupe


  1. Your eyebrows look gorgeous after!

    I swear I knew you commented on my blog but it all disappeared. I'm not too sure why. :/

    1. Thank you! I disconnected my blog from the google plus comments on here, since readers were having trouble. I did comment on your blog, but I'm not sure why it would disappear. :/

  2. Your brows look nice! I way over plucked mine in highschool too, now I'm paying for it! I love the Anastasia clear brow gel. It's one of the best I've used. I ran out of my a little while ago but it lasted me forever! I've always wanted one of the brow powders too but I usually use a pencil. I'm glad to know its good though, and the applicator too!

    1. Thanks! I feel like they look a bit warm though in the picture. I may need to get the next shade in the collection. Yeah, I can see the brow gel lasting forever. You don't need much when using it.

  3. I've heard many people say that the Anastasia brow brush is the best one they've ever used and I'm dying to try it out! I haven't found a brush I'm in love with yet to do my brows, so it seems like a likely candidate to win my heart haha. The clear brow gel has also been on my wishlist for ages now.

    1. Yes, you should give the brush a try! I've seen a travel size of the brow gel, if you are curious in how it performs.


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