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This was my second month with Allure's beauty box subscription. It's $15 a month and you can sign up here. My box is $16 with some change due to tax. The products are hand picked by Allure's editors every month. Last month's box was nicely curated, so I was curious how this month's box would be like!

Wet Brush Midi Brush

My hair can easily get tangled once it's wet. I hated when the time came to brush my hair after a bath as a child. I still dread combing it when it's tangled. This is the travel size wet brush. I comb through my hair right as I step out of the shower with it. It goes through my hair so easily and doesn't cause any damage. I do wish it had been a bit bigger in size, since I have a lot of hair.

Supergoop! Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50

I had just finished a setting spray, so this came at the perfect timing! This has a matte finish and has SPF in it. It does have a sunscreen scent, and will make your hair sticky if you accidently spray it. It has rosemary and mint. My face was a bit oily before spraying this, and it did a great job of controlling my oil. This was a win in my book!

Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil  

It's nice to receive an eyeliner that isn't black. This shade is called "Pebble Beach." I applied just one swipe on my lower lash line and got instant pigmentation! It wore for about six hours and then started to wear off. It really opened up my eyes. The eye pencil is waterproof.

Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in "Pebble Beach."

Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer

My moisturizer had spilled into the tube a bit. I should've complained, but Allure's customer service isn't the best. The cream was really rich and hydrating. I apply it at night after cleansing, or I add some sunscreen for morning use.

Freeze 24/7 Anti Aging Eye Serum

I've been into anti aging products lately. I was excited to receive a eye serum this month. It absorbed quickly into my skin. It has a thin consistency and is meant to give you a youthful appearance around the eyes. I didn't notice a scent when applying this.

Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

I actually am obsessed with these and already had them prior to receiving my box. They have a honey scent and they leave my hair feeling smooth. It is meant to strengthen and heal any hair damage. I was going through my hair the other day, and noticed my hair didn't have many split ends or damaged ends. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner since June. I do throw in another shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week. I hope it's this shampoo and conditioner that is preventing hair damage.

Allure had advertised a $25 Mally Eye Brightner for August's box, and then later said there would be substitutions for some people. Some people received an eye brightener while others received a Pixi toner, a Burberry primer, or an ELF brush. Allure did tell us about the substitutions, so that was nice. I don't find it fair for someone to receive a $25 product, while someone else receives a $3 item though.

ELF Small Stipple Brush

I actually already own this, so I'll be passing it along. I mentioned it here.

Do you have any subscriptions you're currently liking?



  1. For $15, this is a pretty good subscription box. I wish the Wet Brush was a full-sized one. That reminds me I need to use mine. :X

    1. Yes, a full sized brush would've been nice. Enjoy your brush!

  2. This box looks nice! I just bought that shampoo and conditioner!! It's seriously amazing and I love it too. I wasn't even expecting much from it, but I think it's repairing thE damage in my hair too. I let the condition sit in my hair for like 5 minutes before I wash it out and it feels so soft afterwards. It smells so good too. I agree, I don't think it's fair some to receive a $25 product and then give out $3 products to others.

    1. Glad you're loving it! It must be working then.

  3. Wait, they put a Cargo product in there? I haven't seen that brand in years and I totally miss it! Look at how pigmented that swatch is...

    1. Yes. I think Ulta still carries them. I was pretty impressed with the pigmentation!

  4. For $16 this seems like a nice box -Hanna Lei

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