Target March 2016 Beauty Box


Target releases a beauty box every month. I happened to catch this one just in time. They tend to sell out really fast. The boxes are usually priced from $5-$7.  They have a variety of beauty products to try.

This box's theme was Vecay Vibes. A few of Target Style's favorites just in time for Spring Break. This box cost me $5.31 with tax included. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - I had been wanting to try this, and was glad it was included. It has ionized mineral water that will hydrate and restore your skin overnight.  I applied this before bed and woke up with hydrated skin. My face can be dry sometimes, so I'll be adding this into my nighttime routine. I'm not a big fan of the scent though. It's very fragrance like. 

Nugg Deep Hydration Facial Mask Treatment - This mask is intended to hydrate and soften dry skin. My skin did feel softer after applying this mask. These masks retail for $3.29. 

Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 30 Lotion - This will be great for the summer time. It's a nice light weight sunscreen. 

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Color - This is going to be my go to shade for Spring & Summer. It's in the color "Lie-lac." 

You are Amazing Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion - Lotion is always nice to have. This one definitely has a grapefruit scent, hence the name. I've never heard of this brand before, so it was nice to try something from this brand. 

Caress Adore Forever Body Wash - I was really excited to try this. I had seen ads for it before. This apparently releases a fragrance every time you touch your skin. The smell does linger for awhile. I wasn't a fan of this particular scent though. I'm going to check out their other scents though. 

Hair Food Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner - This shampoo and conditioner are infused with honey and apricot fragrances. It left my hair pretty soft. I'm always up for trying new shampoos and conditioners. 

Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray -  This is infused with dead sea salt and sea kelp. It's suppose to help create beach waves. I haven't tried this yet. I'll probably get more use of this during the summer.

My favorite products were the Laneige mask and the nail polish. The box also included a $3 off $15 beauty purchase from Target. I'll definitely be using that! 

Have you guys ever tried these boxes?

♡ Lupe


  1. I didn't know that Target does beauty boxes! You got some great products, especially the Laneige Mask- sounds amazing! :)
    Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM

    1. I didn't find out until a bit ago. It's a cheap way to discover new products. The Laneige product is lovely.

  2. This was a good box! I haven't gotten a Target box in awhile, they sell out so fast!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  3. This box looks nice! The water sleeping mask sounds amazing! I'll have to try it out. I've tried those little nugg masks before, the packaging on them is so cute. I have that sea salt spray and it smells so good!

    1. I've seen it in a Target beauty box before, if you want to try the Laneige sleeping mask. Ooo nice to know the sea salt spray smells good! :)

  4. I did not know that Target got beaut box. It looks amazing . The texturizing spray looks nice :)

    1. Neither did I, until I stumbled across it on some blogs. It was a good box.


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