Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette


One product that I've been using lately is Becca's Ombre Rouge Eye Palette. I received it in my Beautylish 2016 Lucky Bag, which you can check out here. It has five eye shadows ranging from satin to matte. This palette can be used for the eyes, face, and brows.

The five shadows don't have actual names, but are labeled 1-5 on the back. This palette retails for $40. It can be purchased on Beautylish, at Sephora, and Ulta. The shadows are infused with green coffee oil according to Becca. The green coffee oil helps awaken the eyes.

Shade #1- Light Matte Beige
It's a tad on the peachy side. I liked it best for the inner corner or as a brow high light. It's smooth and moderately pigmented.

Shade #2 - Satin Warm Pink
This warm pink is perfect for all over the lid. It's smooth and a little more pigmented than shade #1. Shade #2 is a little powdery, but still easy to work with. This shade is buildable.

Shade #3 - Satin Brown Rose
This is another shade lovely for all over the lid. This one is also a little powdery, but is smooth. I really liked the sheen in this eye shadow.

Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette Swatches

Shade #4 - Matte Orange Brown
This is moderately pigmented and smooth as the others. It was a little hard to work with though. I usually would apply it in my crease or outer crease. It was hard to blend out. It wasn't powdery like shades #2 and #3, which was somewhat nice.

Shade #5 - Satin Plum Brown
This one was the most powdery, but not too hard to work with. I like it best for the outer v area. The shadow is pigmented and blended nicely. It's as smooth as the rest.

The wear time was about 6-7 hours. I thought these would under perform, but I was highly impressed. I liked how it has a combination of satin and matte eye shadows. I think these are perfect for someone who doesn't like glittery shadows. I'll definitely be using them for Valentine's Day!

Have you tried any Becca eye shadows?

On another note...

  • Do you guys like the hearts or too distracting? 
  • I got a power resurfacing peel at Ulta today. It's so relaxing! I almost fell asleep.
  • I'm secretly 80 years old. I went to Bingo yesterday, but sadly didn't win. The lady in front of me won $500! Lucky her! (:


  1. Awwwwh, I'm so jealous you got one of the lucky bags! Everyone seemed to get really nice products this year, I signed up for the 2017 wait list so hopefully I can grab that one haha ;() I haven't tried any shadows from Becca before but I've been very intrigued by them, glad to see you liked this palette!

    1. Beautylish did great this year. I recall almost everyone being upset at last year's bag. Yay! I hope you get one next year! Ooo I hope you try them! They are nice quality. :)

  2. I haven't tried any BECCA shadows, but these are nice and pretty! Such a pretty palette.
    xo, Lily

  3. This palette looks so beautiful!! The shades are nice and I would like th mix is matte and satin shades too! I've always been curious about becca eyeshadow, I don't hear many people talk about them so I'm glad you did this review!

    1. Me neither. I usually hear people talk about the highlighters. & you're welcome! :)

  4. I've been curious about this palette as I love warm neutrals! Glad you're enjoying the palette and thanks for the swatches! xo


  5. These sound great! I really need to try Becca shadows since I've liked everything I've tried from the brand so far.

  6. This looks awesome. x

  7. These shades look gorgeous! I'm usually a shimmers girl but I'm definitely lacking more matte shades in my collection and I'd like to give them a go :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. You should check the Becca shadows out! I also love shimmer in my life. :)


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