Ipsy Bag November 2015


Every month I look forward to receiving my Ipsy bag. It's like a little gift to myself each month. The cost of the subscription is $10. For those $10 you get 5 deluxe to full sized samples.

Ipsy where did we go wrong? It's like you don't even know me anymore! I enjoyed my last two bags. I thought Ipsy was starting to understand what I liked. This wasn't the case this month. The theme this month was Beauty Blast. The bag was gorgeous with purple, black, and blue colors. One of my favorite bag designs.

SmashBox Full Exposure Mascara 

Everybody received this mascara in their bag this month. This is one of my favorite mascaras. I love the volume that it gives my lashes. According to Smashbox you get a 104% increase in lash volume. I never get clumping or smudging issues with this product. 

Tre'StiQue Mini Matte Crayon

I was looking forward to this product. It was very smooth on my lips and pigmented. I wouldn't say this was completely matte though. I got the crayon in "Chili Red." I do like that the product is buildable. 

INSPR Beauty Eye Shadow

This was a really pretty taupe color. I didn't think I'd like it, but it was a nice wash of color over the lid. INSPR claims it's crease resistant, but I had creasing after 5 hours. Maybe I just have really oily eyelids. The shadow was called "Carnival." 

Chili Red & Carnival swatches

ModelCo Highlighting Trio

I enjoy how I can get a high light, blush, and bronzer from this. I wanted to really like this product, but I just get a greasy formula from this product. I'm also prone to break outs, so I don't think my skin wants this on my face. The high light cream was nice and subtle though. The bronzer had a little too much glitter in my opinion. 

Coolway Stronghold Spray

I've never been the type of girl that's into hair. I put that I didn't like hair products for my Ipsy quiz. I still seem to get hair products once in awhile. I always pass them on to my friend. I didn't use it, but other Ipsters said it held well and smelled nice. 

I saw really great products in this month's bag, but feel like I just got the mehh products. I'm hoping next month's bag will be better. Everybody will get at least one of these products in their Ipsy December bag. 

December Ipsy bag sneak peek

You can sign up using my link if you'd like. What did you get in your bag? Have any subscription boxes that you like?

♡ Lupe


  1. I think the bag this month was super cute! Too bad you didn't care much for what you got! I ended up canceling my subscription because I felt super meh about most of my bags!

    1. It was. Such a nice design. Yeah I feel like I may cancel if my next bags aren't good.

  2. It's a shame you didn't enjoy all the products. It's always hit and miss with those kind of subscription boxes/bags. I used to subscribed to a few but don't bother anymore. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. Such a great post, dear. Lovely style

  4. That is a cute bag! I'm sorry you got items you didn't like. Subscription boxes can be really tricky sometimes.

    1. Yes, the bag design was my favorite compared to past designs. They can be, but thankfully it's only $10. I usually find something I like.


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