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I signed up for Ipsy in May 2014. It's a $10 subscription each month. Each month you'll receive like 5 deluxe to full sized items. You can sign up here. Every Tuesday and Thursday they have IpsyMe deals. They usually feature palettes, hair tools, sets, and other makeup items for discounted prices.

Well hello there, Kylie Jenner! Let me just cover you with my makeup. For $12 with free shipping, I decided to give Jesse's Girl Cosmetics a try.

I always hear great things about their liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner retails for $6.99 and I got mine in "Black." The tip hasn't dried out yet, or acted up. It gives me a really dark line, which I love. You can create thin or really thick lines with this.

 My eyelids can be oily, and I'll sometimes find liquid eyeliner fading or end up in my crease area. This little guy stays on through a long work day. I highly recommend this eyeliner! It comes in a pen form, and has a fine tip. It's not watery like other liquid eyeliners I've tried. I'll definitely be repurchasing.

The eye shadows are another story. I guess this palette retails for about $5ish dollars. I can't find it on their website anymore. I assume it was exclusive for just the Ipsy deal. The formula is very smooth like, but lacks in quality in some shadows. I kept having to pack the shadows on to get them to work. I really loved the colors they chose for this palette, but some can be hard to work with. It has a combination of mattes, shimmers, and a satin. For about $5 I guess you do get what you paid for. I've had Wet n Wild shadows preform better. It features some pinks, browns, and a golden shade.

My favorite color is the rose gold. I usually place it all over my lid, and top the look off with one of the matte shades in the crease. The white and light brown matte shades hardly showed on my skin. Just like the shimmer shades need to be packed on, so do the matte shades.

The shimmer shades in here have a very chunky glitter feel to them. I really liked the formula of the satin in here, and wish the rest had been formulated like it. This palette has lovely color shades, but the quality isn't the best. The shades are on the powdery side, which led to fallout. I might give some of their shadows a try in the future, but this was a dud for me.

Have you guys tried anything from this line?


  1. I haven't tried anything from their line, but I've heard about their nail polishes because of Julie G. The colors from the eyeshadow palette look so gorgeous, but it's such a shame that the quality just isn't there. Good thing I have a million palettes with similar shades though! hahaha

    Hao | haodoyoungo

    1. Oh yeah! I think she's partnered with them or something. I found her nail polishes when I was looking at their products. Oh yes, I'm sure you have these shades in other palettes. (:

  2. Too bad this paleyte wasn't very good! I have one of their other palettes and I think it's good for the price and for a drugstore one, but i do agree that wet n wild ones are a little more pigmented. I haven't tried their liner but I've also heard good things about it!!! Thanks for your honest review for these!

    1. You should try the liner. It's a good one. Aw, I'm glad you had luck with one of their palettes! (:

  3. From looking at the palette, I would definitely think they would be super pigmented! The colors are really pretty. Too bad they weren't easy to use. Disappointing.

  4. I love this pallete, I wear it almost daily! I just checked and it is back on their website. I do not have to pack it on to get the desired effect. I'm fair skinned. It's lasts all day! I use an angle brush and use them as eyeliners under the bottom lashes as well. I get many compliments using this pallete. I'm sorry your's wasn't a good expierence.


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