Too Faced Everything Nice Set


One of the holiday collections that caught my eye was Too Faced's. I purchased Too Faced's Everything Nice Set for $56 from Sephora.

The set contains 20 eye shadows, deluxe sized Better Than Sex Mascara, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 high light, and three Teddy Bear Hair brushes. The set also contains a pink glitter zipper bag. Sadly, the palette isn't able to fit inside the bag. The bag is gorgeous though!

Turtle Dove- Ivory matte
Dream On- Light beige matte (I liked using this as a brow high light)
Paper Roses- Pale white pink ( Powdery, but works good for inner corner)
Kindness is Free- Pink shimmer

Turtle Dove, Dream On, Paper Roses, & Kindness is Free

After Hours- Gold brown shimmer (lovely for all over the lid)
Fawned of You- Warm brown matte (best used in the crease area)
Mauvelous- Silverly mauve with bronze glitter (great for all over lid & paired with Be You)
Be You- Taupe matte ( little hard to blend and on powdery side)

After Hours, Fawned of You, Mauvelous, Be You

Knockout- Matte reddish dark brown
Secret Lovers- Dark brown with pearl sheen (lovely for outer v area)

Knockout & Secret Lovers

Heaven- Yellowish white matte (Powdery but good for brow high light)
Shiny Happy- Cool toned gold. (Very smooth & lovely as all over lid color)
Totally Fetch- Fuchsia Pink ( Nice pigmentation for being bright)
Live it Up- Blueish Purple ( Not that great. Glitter didn't adhere to the shadow)

Heaven, Shiny Happy, Totally Fetch, & Live it Up

Honey Pot- Orange gold shimmer
Don't Settle- Medium brown shimmer (Nice all over lid shade)
Too Glam- Shimmery teal 
Head Over Heels- Shimmer deep navy (Sheer shade that I wished had better pigmentation)

Honey Pot, Don't Settle, Too Glam, Head Over Heels

Girly- Red brown with greenish duo chrome ( My favorite shade for all over lid)
Chocolate Moon- Brownish black with glitter ( Another shade where glitter doesn't stay put. I wish this shade had been matte)

Girly & Chocolate Moon

Sweet Pink- Light pink with golden shimmer. Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure it would look lovely on lighter skin tones. This blush was a little on the powdery side.

Papa Don't Peach- Warm Medium Peach with shimmer. Lovely pigmentation on this one!

Chocolate Soleil- Medium brown with satin finish. I really enjoy this bronzer to contour with, and it smells like chocolate!

Inner Light- Peach highlight with shimmer. Too much shimmer in this for my liking! 

Sweet Pink, Papa Don't Peach, Chocolate Soleil, & Inner Light

It includes three brushes. I don't care for these too much. I've seemed to have lost one. The blush brush is decent, but it's a little hard to pick up product. I think this palette is really worth the price. You can basically achieve a whole face. I wish they had thrown in a lip product instead. Some shadows can be powdery, but some have nice pigmentation. I'd definitely recommend this set for the holiday season!


  1. there seems to be a few duds in here, but it's such a great value I really don't care! I meant to pick this up during the VIB sale, but I got distracted by a few other things haha! And yes, Girly is stunning!!
    Great review!

    1. I'd really recommend it! I noticed it's sold out online, but you can probably still find it in store. There was a lot of great collections this season. I don't blame you. lol.

  2. OMG so jealous, perfect palette :) xx

    1. Yes, one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by! (:


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