What I've Been Up To! Oct.13-Jan.14


I really suck at taking pictures of what I'm usually up to. It's not that exciting anyways. Here is what I've been up to lately!
I purchased two sweaters and a plaid shirt. I also picked up two skinny jeans from Marshalls and Target. Target usually has a nice clearance section which I like to look through. Marshalls usually has jeans under $20, which I love!

$18? Target
17? Marshalls
I probably should've taken note of the prices. I picked these up last weekend!

I liked the design on the shoulders. I usually just throw these on over my leggings and add my boots.

My friend said this color would look nice on me. I believe this was $16 dollars and from Target. The jeans just look how jeans usually look. Nothing special.

I hang out with my nieces almost every weekend. Penny is in the blue watching tv and Noelle is the little chubby one staring off into space. Good thing my sister doesn't read my blog, she'd punch me for uploading a pic of them. hehe. I'll sneak some in here and there.

My sister and I went to Sushi City in Downers Grove, IL. They usually have all you can eat for $20. We ordered so many that it got to the point where I wanted to hide some in my purse. You have to eat everything or they'll charge you. It was really delicious though! I love the kinds with tempura in it and the ones that are warm. Like the one pictured above.

I added a Kiss Nail Dress sticker to my nails. I received them in my Influenster Varsity Voxbox.

Influenster is a site where you write reviews on products you've tried. Staying active can raise your influenster score and you're more likely to get a box of free goodies. I have some invites left if anyone wants one!

I spent most of my October looking for those L'oreal La Laque's and Le Matte's. I read such great reviews on them! A Target employee told me they may come back this month. I doubt it, but hopefully since they did so well.

I received my giveaway prize from Miss Louise! Check out her blog here.

I asked for Ruby Woo and am loving it!!

I decided to clean my room today. I filled up a big garbage bag full of notebooks, binders, and papers I'd been hoarding. Did I really need a notebook from 8th grade?

 Oh hey an Ulta bag and some cosmetics packaging! A bunch of binders full of old homework assignments!


I found these cute pencils my friend had given me! I also found these magnets I used to decorate my high school locker with. They were all found in the $1 Target section! I love the one with the Pops owl. :3

Found my library card under some papers. It expired in 2010. I should probably go and renew that.

I enjoy hoarding magazines as well! I love rereading them and cutting out pictures for my bulletin board. Anyone else hoard magazines?

What have you guys been up to?


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