Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review


Recently I purchased Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette, which is from their holiday collection. Did you miss out last year? I did and am glad I picked this one up! This palette contains 20 exclusive eye shadows and a double ended brush. If i could marry any cosmetic brand, it would defiantly be Urban Decay! I love how pigmented and smooth their shadows are. You won't be disappointed with this palette!

You get a sturdy plastic package with their UD symbol in diamond form. If you click the button on the bottom, your palette will slowly pop open. The mirror is large and will stay upwards for your convenience, which I loved! Now onto the swatches and names! :)

Smokeout- Dark taupe black with a satin finish

Lovesick- Black matte with iridescent micro glitter

Prank- Dark navy matte with turquoise shimmer

Madness- Bright metallic blue with blue micro glitter

Smokeout, Lovesick, Prank, & Madness

Radar- Metallic brown shimmer with iridescent micro glitter (Mine came a little messed up and then my niece decided to knock the palette over, but I still have a bit left. *sigh )

Damaged- Bright metallic emerald shimmer

Dope- Warm champagne satin

Toxic- Metallic Copper-Pink shimmer

Radar, Damaged, Dope, & Toxic

Habit- Light nude matte

Ambush- Metallic brown satin

Voodoo- Metallic purple shimmer

Betrayal- Bright purple satin with blue shift

Habit, Ambush, Voodoo, & Betrayal

Strike- Antique gold shimmer with silver micro-glitter

Stash-  Deep olive green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle

Shellshock-  Bright metallic silver ( I love this silver! I'll be abusing it this holiday season)

Coax- Medium metallic pink with golden iridescent micro sparkle

Strike, Stash, Shellshock, & Coax

Antique gold shimmer w/ silver sparkle
Antique gold shimmer w/ silver sparkle
Antique gold shimmer w/ silver sparkle

X-Rated- Baby pink satin

Poison- Charcoal satin

Derailed- Medium metallic brown taupe shimmer

Rewind- Medium brown matte

X-Rated, Poison, Derailed, and Rewind

These colors are all beautiful and will last long with a primer, I've read they even last long without a primer. My oily lids always need one though lol. This is not your everyday type of palette. I throw these colors on with others from other palettes. Favorites of mine would have to be Lovesick, Betrayal, Derailed, and Ambush. I wish they had thrown in another matte or two. I love the matte colors. They work great as transition colors! I also don't think I'll ever get much wear out of X-rated. That kind of pink just looks odd on me. You get some fall out, but not the crazy kind with glitter all over your face. 

 This would make a great Christmas present! This retails for $59 at Sephora, Ulta, and Urban Decay website.

Check out the look I did: http://ahintofbeauty.blogspot.com/2013/10/urban-decay-vice-2-palette-look.html



  1. Oh good god there isn't a shade I don't like in this palette ;-; (ok, well maybe eh to X-Rated too)
    UGHHHH so pretty, so expensive, and slightly unwearable for me. So lucky you have this palette in your collection!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. lol! right? odd color to put in. Yes, so expensive! They have great shadows though. Thanks, so far it's worth it!:D


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