Fall Favorites!

Hello pretties! (:

I hope next week goes by fast, I'm counting till the days that I can eat till I explode. Then again... I do that a lot. (:
We all have those products that we adore even more during the colder months. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today! I didn't swatch all of the palettes shadows, but if you'd like a full review on them, just let me know! :)

I had more leaves, but they eventually all blew away! My order of favorites is in no particular order.

1.) Hard Candy's Fox in a Box Blush in "Spicy & Sweet"

The packaging is so cute on this! This is a great deal for $5 or $6. Sorry, I bought it a long time ago. You get four different colors. There is a light and medium pink on one side.The other side has a brown and darker pink. When you blend it, you'll get a pinky peach color. It is a little dark, but I love it! I heard these might be discontinued. :/  You get a amazing pigmentation as well! These are available at Walmart.

The 1st swatch is the two lighter pinks. The 2nd swatch is the darker pink and brown mixed. The last swatch is all four colors mixed.

2.) The Balm's Nude Tude Palette

 I adore this palette during the fall! Look at those colors on the right! The pigmentation is great! There is only one fail color which is "Silly." I'll post a look with this soon! This costs $36! It contains 12 eye shadows. I love taupe,maroon, and dark browns for fall! You can go from a sweet daytime look to a dark smokey nighttime look. Hautelook which offers discounted makeup, always has them on there! That's where I bought mine!

Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy, and Sleek
They offer a version without naked ladies btw!

3.) CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones Blush in "Purely Plums"

This trio contains a plum, medium rose, and pearl pink. I mostly use the middle rose color and plum! I love how plum and rose colors give a nice iridescent glow! I wasn't a fan of the highlight color since it hardly showed. I picked mine up for $4.84 at Target!

4.) Lorac Pro Palette

 You can create plenty of fall looks with this bad boy! You get 16 eye shadows for $42! Ulta currently has this palette along with a liquid liner for $39! That is a amazing deal! This is another great daytime/nighttime palette. These feel like butter! Some mattes can  be chalky, but I still love this palette! Here are some shadows I love for the fall!

Gold, Taupe,, Espresso, Garnet, & Mauve

5.) NYX LSS 553 lipstick in "Silk" 

Silk looks pinker in the picture, but it's a mauve purple with some shimmer. I love how it pairs with my fall looks and is quite creamy! I wish it lasted longer on.

What are some of your fall favorites? :)
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great job, I love the blend of colors, it looks so complex and there's a good depth with the different blues!

  2. These are all great picks for favorites! I am very fond of all of them! Seriously need to get my hands on that PRO palette! Thank you for sharing this with us! xx

  3. Awesome recommendations! I will definitely have to try out those blushers!

  4. Thank You!:)

  5. It's amazing!:) Thanks for reading!!

  6. I highly recommend the Hard Candy boxes!:)

  7. That Lorac palette looks divine! The gold colour is beautiful :D


  8. I agree! It's a true gold shadow!:)

  9. I need to get my hands on that Lorac palette- I have only heard great things about it!
    xo, Kate


  10. yes! great mix of shadows :)

  11. Ouuu, I really like the Hard Candy Blush shades!! I SHOULD FIND THEM ASAP, JUST IN CASE THEY MIGHT BE DISCONTINUED D:
    (also really like the covergirl shades, just wondering if there's a good amount of product in there because the pans look so small :< )

  12. I love those lipsticks I have one of their red shades :)

  13. Yes, go see if you can get your hands on some! I heard it awhile back, but hopefully they are still around! I hate how the pans are so small, but I've managed to have it for awhile.

  14. ooo! Which one? I've been liking red lipsticks lately!

  15. I can't find it but I also have the one called "pluto" its a brownish purple one.

  16. It's a great palette! Thanks for reading!

  17. The balms nude palette looks gorgeous x



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