Mini Life Update & Haul!

Hi lovelies! :)

I've accumulated some things over this month and thought I'd share them with you! I'll also include mini reviews! I'm currently trying out some products I ordered from Sephora, so that will be posted later. Speaking of Sephora... I didn't get the job. :( It was a Sephora located inside of JcPenney so I interviewed with people going for JcPenney jobs, which I hated. I dressed professionally in a business suit basically while these two other girls had leggings on! They wore their leggings as pants.. I like wearing leggings with my butt being covered! I got eliminated after round 1 and since it was only three of us going for the Sephora position, I'm pretty sure the 28 yr old Ulta manager got the position. The other girl also had a good amount of experience. I hate how people don't take a chance on me due to not having enough experience. I'm grateful I was at least able to get a interview. I felt as though someone had taken my heart that is filled with such a love for makeup and crushed it. I felt like such crap and was thinking maybe I don't belong in the beauty industry.

The experience has only made me stronger. I may not know what I want to do as a career, but I have such a love for cosmetics. I won't let anyone take that away from me or put me down.

At Ulta I picked up a NYX lipstick in "Electra" and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz in "Brunette". I then went to Target and bought a EOS lip balm in "Strawberry Sorbet." I heard a lot of people raving about them. I also picked up some Maybelline Clean Express makeup remover wipes. 

NYX lipstick in "Electra"- I've been wanting to venture into red lipsticks and found this one at my local Ulta. It's very creamy and pigmented. The bad side is it can be messy. It lasts a good amount of time on and it later just stains my lips. It also makes my teeth appear whiter! It's a blue toned red btw! I like it much better than the MAC one I bought, which will be posted about later in week! ($3.99)

NYX's Electra

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in "Brunette"- I had been using Elf's brow kit for the longest, but kept hearing good things about this so I picked it up. One end is a retractable tip while the other end is a spoolie brush. The tip is slim and does a great job at creating a natural brow. If you have fuller brows this is perfect for you! I have less thinner brows and find the pencil good for making it look like I have hairs there. Surprisingly it stays long on me through the day. ($21)

What they actually look like :o

Filled in

In reference to my brows lol.

EOS lip balm in "Strawberry Sorbet"- My last lip balm had finished and fell off, so I was in need of a new one. They had a lot of choices to choose from at Target, so I picked up strawberry sorbet. It smells amazing and is moisturizing! ($2.99)

EOS lip balm in "Strawberry Sorbet"
Maybelline Clean Express Facial Towelettes- These towlettes come in a pack of 25 and retail for $4.99. I don't think I'll be purchasing these again. They did a good job taking my makeup off and didn't sting. I think it's a lot to pay for only 25 towelettes though! Anyone recommend a cheaper alternative? ($4.99)

I'll be posting another haul later this week! What have you bought recently?


  1. Ugh, I hate it when people dress poorly for interviews and end up with the job, although the Ulta manager does sound like stiff competition :(
    It's ok, develop your blog over a period of years, and it'll show that you really are passionate about this industry! If I felt crushed after every failed interview, well, heh, I've failed a lot of job interviews, so don't sweat. It's a learning experience c:

    Ugh, that brow pencil looks ridiculously natural--WHY SO EXPENSIUUUU THO ;-;
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Me too! It's like why didn't you dress nicely? Ugh, the minute I saw her I just knew she was competition. I agree. It's a learning experience that I'm thankful for. Aw, I'd hire you on the spot for a job! :) Right? I wish it was cheaper!.__.

  2. Don't be sad, just remember you are very very young and you will have many opportunitie! When I was 18 I wasn't even considered to be a part of any work team, people would just not take me serious for my age.
    Now that I am 23 I get a lot more opoortunities though they come with a lot more responsability,
    cheer up, you will get a job soon x

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, but congrats on now having more opportunities!:)
      Your right! I think my time will eventually come.

  3. I know this comment is probably a little late but I just wanted to say cheer up. Don't let anyone ever steal your dream. Sephora is only one store. There are so many others out there who need passionate people to employ. Stay positive and remember you will end up where you were meant to be. Always dress professional and don't worry about any other people you see. In the end, those people won't matter.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Yes, I've learned that whatever happens will happen. Thank You for the tips! :)


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